IT’S BACCCCCCCCCCCCK — Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Saturday we had clouds come in—–and a smattering of delightful rain.

Smoke in the sky—-still.

Then last evening,

as we rode out to change the irrigation water,  we rode in gigantic surging drifts

and volleying gusts

of a staggering force of the dirty wind.

At least it didn’t last long.  This morning it is gone.

Although, the sky is still pretty smokey.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Finally Done—After Redoing IT Three Times —- Monday, June 22, 2020

Finally, I got this one done.  It’s taken me three times.  The first time I used a color to match the Heavenly Blue Morning Glories—what a mess.

The material stretched and wrinkled and bunched.

It was terrible.

Then I used a better more expensive material, which went together nicely —but I didn’t like the width of the blocks.

After taking everything out for the last time, cutting back the strip size I finished.

Now as I’m looking at it I can see FLAWS!


I think I’ll take a break on this for a spell.  Maybe for the rest of my life!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Work Interrupted —- Thursday, June 22, 2017

After coming home from getting the last tire fixed.  Terry said:  “Call Cottonwood Hot Springs, get a reservation — and lets go there for the night.”

So I called…they had an opening.  Terry turned off the irrigation water.
 Shannon agreed to take care of the cats and to take Boomer home with her to spend the night.

One afternoon, one night; then back home again.  A break from work!  How freshing it was!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


A Gift of Sunlight—Wednesday, June 22, 2016

InstructionsThe day wore on, yesterday, the heated air hot and heavy.

Morning-1bearing down on us and the land.

The sun gradually climbing higher and higher in the sky- taking from us any bit of shade.

WheeBy noon the shadows were gone, the heat ringed us in, and sat brooding, like a bad mood.

Packing-rowsThen a blessing of a thin rush of air — first in starts and stops, then in little puffs, swelling in strength strong enough to cause the towels drying, on the line, to flap and fling themselves over the other wires full of clothes

SunraysThe air cooled, as clouds rolled in, first in the east, then the south, finally in the west.

All the while the wind rose and fell whispering secrets to the earth; to those creatures and objects that can understand.

Setting-of-the-sunThere was a hint of thunder a splattering of rain enough to rinse the air clean.

Rain-the-setting-sun-3Boomer and I walked out upon the farm, hoping to see a rainbow.

Rain-in-the-setting-sun2Instead a shock of sunlight splashed in the north, for just a few minutes, leaving the world reborn.

From my heart to your world.



Going Backwards—Monday, June 22, 2015

Yesterday was the Summer Solstice…the longest day of the year!

Now we start losing daylight hours…we start going backwards!  At least that is how I feel.


Although, we don’t just suddenly jump from summer right into the dark and dreary winter, it’s a process…a rather nice one.  We will still have warm (hot days—it was 104* yesterday) and lovely sunshine.  Sky

I just know that winter is looming —shudder!

For now I’ll not think about it and relish in these lovely hot days!

I hope you are enjoying the perfect weather, where ever you might live.

Your friend,


Grammy Come Quick — Sunday, June 22, 2014


Hi, Grammy!  Can you come down here quick?

Why, Tally?  Is there a problem?

Yes, Grammy!  We have a hurt Hummingbird.  Momma wants you to come help.

Okay!  I’ll be right there.

Grabbing a hummingbird feeder (one never really knows what to expect), loading the dogs up in the pick-up truck, I drove down to the Kid’s house—forgetting the camera.  (How could I do THAT! I never go anywhere without the camera, but I did it this time!)

HURRY, GRAMMY!  Momma has it on the back porch of the old house…run, Grammy, RUN.

Honey, I can’t run I need to carry the Hummingbird Feeder.

Okay, Grammy, I’ll walk with you, but can you walk FAST?

Yes, I’ll walk fast!


Once there I found an almost dead little hummingbird.  A youngster, not long out of the nest, maybe a teenager.  Misty said she found the little bird collapsed in the old house, panting and chirping, the chirping had stopped by the time I arrived. It was just laying there eyes closed, beak closed, breathing very hard and fast.

Goodness, what to do.

We decided that the little thing must have flown into the old house through an open door by accident.  Once inside panic set in and the little bird couldn’t figure out how to get back out.

Operating under that assumption I was thinking how much the little birds eat and how often.  Gently, gently, gently I picked-up the tiny flying jewel and dipped it’s little beak into the hummingbird feeder.


Hurt Hummie

We waited awhile.  In which Misty remembered the camera, which I didn’t have, so she took a photo with her cell phone.  The light is not good and we were both very concerned about the bird, but I think if you look closely you can see the little beak is open.

I dipped the tiny beak into the sugar water once more, waited and then once more.

Gradually, the little one could bring all it’s feathers back against it’s body, then open it’s eyes.  I continued to hold it in the open palm of my hand–the breathing slowed to regular breathing instead of extreme panic breathing.

I could feel it’s body stop shuddering and a gathering of energy..swoosh…it was gone!

Yay! We all three expressed triumph, approval, and encouragement to the youngster!

(Of course, we don’t know what the hummingbird thought, but I’ll bet this little one was just as jubilant as we were!)

As we were starting to leave Tally pointed and exclaimed….Look there is a hummingbird nest right there!  Misty climbed up to see if it was an empty nest…no, she said…peaking carefully inside  (from a very safe distance)…I see three tiny, tiny, tiny eggs!

With that knowledge we hung the hummingbird feeder I had brought with me close by.

We saved the Hummie, didn’t we Grammy?

We did!  Tally-two, we did!  It’s a really nice feeling isn’t it?

It is, Grammy, it really is.

A true story with a happy ending!

Your joyful friend,