A Relief—Wednesday, July 8, 2015

We have a HUGE break in the triple digit weather…

QuickIt rained all night last night!  Giant, luscious, rich drops of water.

WetToo much of anything is just too much!  A break in the heat is lovely!

This moisture is in here until tomorrow then we slowly start the climb back into the heat.  Until then…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,


28 thoughts on “A Relief—Wednesday, July 8, 2015

  1. We used to run out in the rain………that is if it was warm…….hope you run out in the rain.. Hi Boomer! treats for all–_ Love,Merri

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  2. Wow….good ole rain. Good for the crops too. We had a brief sudden shower and then it got humid all day. At least we are below 100 every day with a cooling trend coming. Your weather is unusual too. The rain saved you the job of watering the lawns and flower gardens and added to the water table in your area. A blessing, right ?

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  3. So glad you are getting a reprieve from the heat! Hopefully, when the heat returns, it will not get quite as hot for you. We also are having a reprieve, Lubbock recorded an all time low temperature for yesterday….71 degrees!! I thoroughly enjoyed the day! To be in the low 80’s the next three days before we get hot again. Tho the cotton does need the heat units of temps in the 90’s to produce the buds that make cotton bolls. I will enjoy the air conditioning!

    Love your header, Linda! So pretty! Blessings!

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  4. I hope the temperature stays low as long as possible, or you’ll be cursing the humidity. At least rain brings some relief from the heat for you – unlike here, where it stays hot and the air just gets denser and denser with water. Still, it’s winter for us now, and pleasantly cool, down to 55F last night!

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  5. Slept in today! Miracles can happen.
    Seems that the rain besides cooling your down is welcome
    for the crops.
    I think your Colorado humidity would be the dry version.
    Humidity is bloody annoying and draining but here it is
    the wet version and you just melt in bloody sweat – Yuck!
    Enjoy the cool change whilst it lasts.
    Here a cold change is expected from the South with temperatures
    expected to drop considerably – nothing like Colorado though.
    I hope the change gets stuck at the border – on the River Tweed!!!
    Now that would be some miracle – ha ha.

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  6. It is so very, very odd to me how my weather (from Texas) has moved to the western high plains and the Pacific NW. We have had a delicious summer—one that we have not seen in a decade or more. Rain and considerably cooler temps. Normally it is hot, hot, HOT and so dry that the cracks in the ground are 4 inches wide.

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