RAINBOWS!!! —– Thursday, June 9, 2016

TiniyThere it was — a tiny little rainbow starting to take shape.  It was precious, although short lived; the clouds quickly covered the sun taking the beginnings of a rainbow with it.

Outdoor!As we were heading back to the farm yard a rain chute dropped down on to the land, across Highway 348, and the sun dropped passed the dark rain cloud into it’s resting place for the night —


In doing so, the brilliant ending of the sun caused the sky to light up with that special glow; illuminating all the dark corners of the earth, the sky and within the soul.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



The World Settled into Silence—Thursday, November 5, 2015

hhIt rained off and on all day yesterday,  and way into the night.

We actually woke up to rain. The air rich with the smell of ozone and the dried leaves, corn stalks and ears; now absorbed with water.


Then there came a feel of snow in the air.

Although, the sky was the same leaded gray the air itself had changed. A heaviness and feeling of something different; colder/sharper.

Silence, no small voices of birds or rustling of little creatures, as the crystals in the clouds changed from water to ice.


Then it came, sudden and hushed, flurries of little tiny noiseless flakes, whirling out of the air.

CThe sun is out now (as I type), the sounds of water returning, running off our metal roof, the snow is melting adding to the mud, flatting the fallen leaves.

The weather people were right.  An early winter storm has arrived.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The Pinto Beans—Thursday, September 3, 2015

4Not long now.  One more irrigation then we stop the water.

3The leaves are still showing green. We need them to turn yellow.  And then fall off.  It’s just a matter of days, maybe two weeks at the most.

Almost time….Almost!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm


The View from on High—Friday, August 14, 2015

PlaneI just HAD to post again some photos of our Sunday flight!

TipThe tip of silver wings

TopOur part of California Mesa.  The Swirly gray areas are the foot hills of the mesa, which then drops off into Roubidoux Canyon.

Us-2Okay.  I’ll stop this now.  It was just the neatest treat!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,


A Relief—Wednesday, July 8, 2015

We have a HUGE break in the triple digit weather…

QuickIt rained all night last night!  Giant, luscious, rich drops of water.

WetToo much of anything is just too much!  A break in the heat is lovely!

This moisture is in here until tomorrow then we slowly start the climb back into the heat.  Until then…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,


Making Headway–Thursday, May 21, 2015

Everyday we are making more and more headway.

GreenIt’s cloudy again here today, with rain coming in this afternoon.

walk2.jpgOh, well.  It is what it is. This is a photo of Boomer and I walking up the ditch bank, moving the dams and helping Terry set the tubes for the alfalfa field.  You can see the baby corn coming up in this (our largest) field.Hubby

The tool of our trade so to speak. 🙂


Terry has also started working on the new motor for the corn combine…he’s waiting for a couple of parts to come by UPS and then we (mostly him) will take the old motor (it got hot and created a mess) out and this one will go in.

Evening-2Last’s nights sunset was beautiful…full of amazing colors…it’s so true, if you just stand still, when you are outside you can hear the earth breath!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



A Race—Monday, May 4, 2015

You are all heard the old adage:  ” a race against time” I am sure.  We are in a race against weather.  Thunderstorms and light rain are predicated for this afternoon and tomorrow.  Therefore, the planting of the corn is in a rush stage.  Terry is planting the last field today.  First he rips open the ground, lets it dry for two hours, goes back in and plants.

Sun-8But by the end of the day he will have every little seed of corn in the ground and starting to sprout.  The other two fields are already planted.  If the rain holds off (rain will crust the ground and make it hard —we are mostly clay here—for the little sprouts to poke their heads above the soil)  Terry will then get out there and harrow off the hilled part of the rows, making soft soil for the sprouts to come up through.

Today I must go work in the corrals for a spell then I’m going to WEED MY OWN YARD! I’m so excited!

Thank you everyone for stopping by, it’s always nice to touch base with friends!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,


First Irrigation of the Year—Sunday, April 12, 2015

Water-1We started the water for the first time Thursday morning around 6:00.   Terry worked at the head gate and I cleaned the ditches as the water flowed toward the fields.  I rejoiced that I had gained back my summer muscles by the time we turned on the water! You see a person must straddle the ditch, pitch fork in hand and scoop and fling out trash like crazy, then jump back to one side and rush down to a further location, straddle the ditch, and start scooping again until we get to end of our place and the water flows back into the canal.

There is always, always tons of trash in the ditches.

SetThen Terry joins me, he places the dams along the cement ditch; backing up the water. After which we start the tubes, he digs out the furrows and I start the tubes.  We must work fast or the water will back up and flood over the sides creating a mini-disaster.

Corn-waterTwice a day every day the tubes are changed….every two hours or so, the tubes are checked to make sure there is no trash in the ditch and the water isn’t running over into fields that haven’t been worked.

Racing-WaterDuring the daytime–the morning set —we are watering the corn ground —Terry likes to water-up the seeds, instead of planting and then watering.

In the evening we move the water to the alfalfa field, since it doesn’t need to be checked while we sleep.

Spring time work is always a huge, huge push.  But there are so many wonderful things about being out there on the land:  the smell of the ground as the water hits it for the first time, the extremely cold invigorating wind on your face as you drive the  4-wheeler, the warm body of Boomer as he huddles next to me using me as a shield, the peace and beauty all around, seeing pheasants rise with loud squawks and cries of alarm, if we get too close to them, watching a fox trot along the edge of the alfalfa field searching for mice, bending over and setting a tube (and it works the first time) then moving on, always staying ahead and in a rhythm, the sun coming up and starting to warm the air the land and you, shedding your jacket and feeling the sudden coolness that soon disappears as you work.

Long before we finish the  last set of the day the air starts to cool down so the jackets come back on, Boomer is tired and hangs by me all muddy and pleased with himself, the Western Meadowlarks are now silent and the Red-winged black birds chirping sleepy time calls, a little family of Kill Deer run quickly away from us, and the sun breaks forth into dazzling colors, peace and calm settle down upon the land as the life giving water flows toward the end of the field.

Last-Set-1Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,





First Blooms of the Season–Sunday, March 22, 2015

The apricots are blooming!

Apricot-tree-6All our trees (we only have four) are ancient apricot trees.

Apricot-tree-5The one on the farm road has pink blossoms—it is the only one on the farm to have pink blooms.

Apricot-tree-1The one at our house has white blooms

Apricot-tree-3The other two in the yard of the other house are a cross between pink and white

Apricot-tree-4But the pretties of them all (to me) is the one on the farm road.

Spring has now officially arrived…the Apricots are blooming!

Happy Spring all my friends!  Or Happy Autumn if you are now experiencing the cool down — opposite of our warm up!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,