This Little Girl…Sunday, July 12, 2015

This little granddaughter (when the family moved to Craig, Colorado)  had a horrible time adjusting to life in a subdivision (although a very spacious subdivision) and a life without the farm.

But the farmer and neighbor who lives just up the hill asked Linky if she would like to help gentle down his very special pigs.  (Mr. Chapman raises pigs for shows and for breeding purposes only.)

pigsEveryday Linkin would trudge up the hill to play and pet and love on the three pigs.

Linky's-pigsThese are the pigs today.  One of the piglets has a heart attack and died, but two are doing fine.  Soon to be Momma’s.  Linky told me one will farrow around the last week of July and the other the first week in August.

What more can a child ask for!

NEwWhile we were there Linky and Mr. Chapman took us on a tour of the pig barns where we visited the boar, all the soon to be Momma hogs, the weiners and the various stages of pig lives.

Mr. Chapman is a very good and kind pig farmer.  The pens are open, clean and spacious.  The sows give birth in a natural environment, handled all the time so they are very gentle, and fed only the best of natural feeds.  (They also have a pellet stove in each house and cooling fans in the summer.)

Next month it will be Linkin’s turn to spend a week with us.  First we had Tallen, then Blade and last will be Linky.

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm,





38 thoughts on “This Little Girl…Sunday, July 12, 2015

  1. I did not see how to comment on this so hope you get this note. LOVED this and posted it on facebook like I should do to all your beautiful posts I do not go to facebook too much, but love to share stuf like this. LOVE what that neighbor did for Linky..and thos pigs are wonderful she is with them. SHe will no doubt go into farming or something with farming to help all animals. My grandaughter is in environmental studies and loves it at North Dakota State…LOVE to you Linda and Terry…THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY DAY. as usual……merri

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  2. What a dear beautiful child! And how lucky she is to be around animals like this…and how lucky the breeder is to have her! Can’t get over how clean those pig pens are! I’ve seen bedrooms much messier! Not saying whose…

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    • Mr. Chapman is really into taking outstanding care of the pigs….there is no odor or nasty smells, the pens are clean, clean, clean, lots of fresh water….just like it’s supposed to be.


  3. Great to see that Linkin loves the outdoors.
    She will be a well grounded young lady when she grows
    up – no wool will be pulled over her eyes.
    There is some young lucky bloke out there
    and he better be good to deserve one day a young
    lady like Linkin.
    Colin (Australia)

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