Summertime—July 13, 2015

Coming-inSummertime and the liv’n is not as easy as winter.  Tee Hee

DitchThis Terry coming in from making ditches…that’s the ditcher on the back.

I’ve been painting the outside of our house. It really needs it.  Last year I painted down at the other house, but this year I MUST focus on this place.

12Our corn is getting close to tasseling out!  What a joy that is–the too wet and cold spring, followed by smashing heat gave us a wonder if the corn was going to pull through.

hayHere Terry is staking a load of hay…I am in charge of getting the  stack stable…think poles and such holding up the stack…not a hard job, but a necessary job.  We are already getting hay customers, which is a very good thing.


Of course there is always water to change, several times a day.  If not change at least check.

I would really like to wash my windows, but we are being gifted with afternoon thunder and rain storms…I think I will wait a spell. 🙂

Me-going-outBoomer and I go out to scatter the corn once a day.  This is old corn we keep around to feed the deer, birds, raccoons, whatever or whoever wants some—it keeps the critters OUT of the corn fields.

Life is busy.  To be honest with you I really don’t want it any other way.

Off now to keep painting — I just about have one side done.  ( We have a two-story house…I sure dread the 2nd story 😦 )

I still need to do the eaves on the west side, which is going to be time consuming.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


23 thoughts on “Summertime—July 13, 2015

  1. HOW BEAUTIFUL THE PICTURES……..and you are somthin’ girl!!! Painting the house, writing, and doing all else too. Life is good!!!! Have fun——Merri

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  2. It’s obvious that neither you nor Terry is bored this time of year. I’d offer to come and help you paint, but I’m not very fond of 2nd stories on houses either! Just be careful (in all that you do!).

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  3. Are you sure about this first line?
    “Summertime and the liv’n is not as easy as winter.”

    I’ll take summer any time!!!! Here in Australia
    we have been hit with a southerly vortex from the South
    Pole – of course the snow fields entrepreneurs ( chalet
    owners etc) and skiers are in their element, but the rest
    of us aren’t.
    Melbourne should be renamed – “Freezeville”.
    We are just not used to these cold blasts that just stay!
    The winds in the Brisbane CBD – especially up close
    to the river – just rip straight through you.
    But then we are just unaccustomed to this type of
    now lingering weather change!

    I think you’d get plenty of Aussie volunteers over there
    to help you paint your home, the barn and even the fence posts!!!
    The header looks great of Terry at work.

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  4. Linda, I’ve been putting off washing windows and cleaning neecles out of the gutters on the 2nd floor ~ let alone painting! Please be xtra careful 🙂 Love your summer skies!

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  5. You are stronger than me. I am still painting on our house, but I just have such a hard time making myself get out in the hot, humid weather at 7AM.
    Ours is sort of two stories. The upstairs is nothing more than a huge empty room now, accessible only by ladder; but it will probably stay unpainted if I can not convince hubby to rent a ‘cherry picker’. My knees don’t climb so well any more.
    God bless you all and thank you for all your hard work!

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  6. Linda , we lived in a 2 story house .We need to paint the house and did most on a short ladder. When it came to the top, my Father-In-Law, got the tractor with bucket on front like yours. Harry and I got in it and was able to paint in safety. We trusted Harry’s Dad to handle controls. Only way I would paint that high up.We do have a very nice ladder that makes into scaffuling
    Story about my last big window washing job. The same house we painted had lot of windows and a teenage friend of ours was wanting summer job,so she and I washed all the windows. Next day I was gone for a while. Came back and the guys were burning wheat stuble across the road, Yes the smoke came right to the house. I teased the guys they were going to have to wash the windows. They said they burned at first with the wind going other way,but as fires go the wind always get faster and goes the other way. So decided no more major washing.ha Gave me something to tease the guys about.ha I did take the hose and washed off outside. I know was the first time windows had been washed for 60 years.
    That is nice your Grand daughter has a place to see farm animals and help the Mamas.
    100 plus degrees here today and all week. Take care all. Sharon Drake 7/13/15

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  7. Busy, busy people, you are!! Seems work is never done on a farm, but what a feeling of satisfaction once the crop is in and you can ease up in the Winter! So glad the corn is doing well. And I know your house will look great when you are done, Linda.


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  8. Love the skies in these pics.
    What would we do if there wasn’t anything to do on the farm? Oh the mischief we could get into! 😉
    Cameron’s dad always says, keeping busy keeps you outta the bars and off the streets! Haha! Love that old guy and his wisdom! 😀

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  9. I’m thankful for siding that doesn’t have to be painted. Your workload never seems to end, and winter goes by much too quickly. It’s better to be busy and able to do the work than not.

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  10. how is it that you and Miss C at the kitchengarden live in the same county yet she has had endless rain and you have blue skies….. But I am oleased that at least one of u is able to get on with the farming…happy Days

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    • Miss C lives in the breadbasket of America…the flat lands…I live right on the edge of the Rocky Mountains…one hour away we are in the middle of the Rocky’s.


  11. Terry looks so content on his tractors. He truly was meant to be there! I agree – it is so busy during summer but I love that too and I know you two also take the time to pause and enjoy the lovely scenes and your kids. Happy painting (yuck) and so glad you take the time to share with us!


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