The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—FOX

Boy do I ever miss Fuzzy!!


Every morning, when Freddy Fox would try (TRY) to walk through the farm yard Fuzzy and I would make a mad dash up to the grain bin and give him a good chase!

Pretty much Freddy and his family would  wave their tails as us and scamper off—there is no way we could keep up.


Now I have to do it myself!

All by myself.

But I do it!

Sometimes Freddy comes by with his brothers, or his sisters, or his cousins, I’m not sure which…he stops by the grain bins and gives a huge yowl and barks at me!

Once I hear his call the CHASE is on!!!

It’s still fun…it just would be funner if Fuzzy was here to share in the adventure.



There’s the call…gotta run!






35 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—FOX

  1. I am sure Fuzzy is right there next to you, running along in SPirit. WOW you are brave Boomer so Brave!!!! Make sure mom gives you a ton of treats and keeps you hosed off…my beagle , Katie , was also a chaser and protector too. Inky, Cheops , Hannah and Peter all say hi to you, Boom :that is two cats and two birds…..they are clapping their feet, and wagging their tails…and screeching out their songs to you…….BRAVE BOOMER!! HURRAH.. now for treats!!!!_ MErri

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  2. I know you miss Fuzzy, Boomer, but he is no longer hurting and that is a good thing. He is helping you chase those foxes in spirit, so keep up the good work. It’s true, you were born to chase foxes!

    Tell Mom we had a thunderstorm last night, too! We got 1.3″ here on the farm! Woo Hoo!!


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  3. You are SO awesome, Boomer! Do such a good job – That Freddy Fox doesn’t stand a chance! And i know who is always right there with you, and Mom, everyday 🙂

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  4. Wow! Be careful! Spook and Two are outside all night. They chase raccoons and the coyotes. The coyotes worry me! Ugh! As do the porcupines! Lol! Are the foxes to be worried about like the coyotes?

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