Second Cutting—Tuesday, July 28, 2015

baling-hayAfter studying the weather apps…(we look at four) Thursday Terry said.  I’m going to do it!

baling-hay (1)

As soon as he got in, from cutting the hay, big black clouds blew in.

“NO!” We both thought.  “PLEASE NO!”


Lucky I had my fallen star still in my pocket–we were saving it for a rainy day. Today was a perfect time to use it.

It must have worked; the rain never fell, the sun came out, and even the wind showed up– drying the alfalfa into nice rich (dry) hay.

This morning the dew was perfect for baling.  We are on our way.  Second cutting of hay is going to turn out just right.  We have customers waiting…even a man as far away as Lake City, Colorado, is waiting for this batch.  This man has 28 horses and only wants straight alfalfa hay to get his herd through the long cold winters up there.  He comes in with a semi-and loads up.

Our other customers ( horses, cows, sheep and goats) have been calling.  It will be nice to fill their orders.  It is also much appreciated to know we have such loyal and steady customers.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



26 thoughts on “Second Cutting—Tuesday, July 28, 2015

  1. I reckon Terry and you can take a bow.
    Having supplied customers with this hay for years
    and them coming back every year, Terry
    obviously grows them what they want! Of course
    under your guiding hand, Linda!!!

    Magnificent winter morning here, I think our
    mate Rita would just love this weather to get their
    crop off. Drying that rolled hay is really a major
    problem and concern. Wet hay is no good for
    horse feed as you pointed out!

    2016 – Hmmmm????
    Cheers and good cropping

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  2. Glad the rain went away. Very important to get hay up dry. My parents and Hary’s parents sold Kansas alfalfa to Wisconsin dairy farmers in the 60’s and 70’s,said had what the cows needed their hay did not.They came with 2 semis.
    The star is so great coming the way it did. All be safe. Sharon Drake south central Kansas

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  3. Oh that Is great news Linda! Your good customers (and their owners) will all be happy too, especially during those cold winters. Those weather apps are really a great tool for you … I never thought before about how helpful it is for farmers to have these at their fingertips. Some things are definitely better in the present day!

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  4. Sooo glad the weather held off for you and you got your hay baled. I remember that from the days of my youth! Papa did small round bales and if they got rained on, my brother and I would have to go out and roll all those bales over so the underside would dry before they could be picked up! What fun! 😦 Hot work!

    Take care…blessings!

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  6. Great photos! Glad to hear that your second cut come off well. And it is always great to customers who keep coming back year after year. They are the best type of customer. You must look after them very well.


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