I Work in my Delight—Wednesday, July 29, 2015

BalesAs far as the camera can see

Cornerwashed in sunlight and heat

InIt takes 45 minutes to get a full load

DBut I …have the best part

My-helpI have help!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



30 thoughts on “I Work in my Delight—Wednesday, July 29, 2015

  1. From the photo shots certainly appears to be good drying weather for the bailed hay in the paddock, but do you turn the bails so as to thoroughly dry out before collecting into stacks
    for cartage by the buyers? So how many days would the bail be in the paddock
    for drying out after harvesting?
    I can’t remember the drying out time / period here that the hay farmers required before
    the stacking in sheds/barns before selling, but I do know it was long enough to ensure
    that the square or rolled bails were absolutely dried out. Thus the importance and
    reliance of the cooperation (????) of the weather. IT’S ALWAYS THAT WORD – WEATHER!

    This present sunny weather here would even be of drying out use.
    More freezes are expected next week – bloody stinking windy unpredicable August!
    Good luck weather wise with the remaining bailing and drying.

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    • The alfalfa must be thoroughly dry before making them into bales. Terry always bales with a little dew on the rows of alfalfa, now turned into hay. The little amount of dew keeps the leaves attached to the stems. Once the hay is in a bale we haul it to the hay stack yard and from there the customers pick up what they purchase. I straighten the bales so the stack wagon can pick up the bales and Terry doesn’t have to get off and straighten the bale then get back on and drive to the next bale. Not hard at all just time consuming.


  2. pixure 1: i guess yer lookin’ south at the san wawnz, #2: west to the Uncompahgre divide? a bit o’ forest fire haze mesuppozes, and OF COURSE the last pixure, yer lookin’ NW towards my house!

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  3. Beautiful!! Real joy. (I recently heard someone quote ‘if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.’ )…. I thought of you two. Although you do so much most of us would be exhausted … and I don’t know any other word for that but ‘hard work’ … still the joy in your life comes through in every post no matter how tired you are.

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