The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—I’m Bored

There is just so much I can do around here —


Sleep in the dog house, first mine and switch sides and then sleep in the doghouse Fuzzy used to sleep in

Sleep next to the kitchen by the basement wall —its real cool there. Hot in the winter and cool in the summer

Get up and sleep under the rocking chair

Sleep in front of the car on the soft dirt…just in front.  I don’t want under the car

Sometimes I well get tired of SLEEPING!!!  Just saying…Mom…isn’t there SOMETHING we could be doing?

Just as I was whining this to Mom the MAIL LADY came driving into the yard!  YAY! I love the Mail Lady!  She always gives me a dog cookie!  As soon as I got the cookie I woofed it down.  I would have gone back for more, but she was already backing up and heading back down the lane.

Phooey!  That didn’t last long.

MOM!  I am bored!!!!  I sat on the ground by Mom, while she weeded her flower bed.  Then I laid down and squiggled up close to her and whined some more.

“Goodness, Boomer.  What is with you?”  Mom reached over and gave me a pat on the head.  I thumped my tail and stared into her eyes.  Then I whined, got up, and headed out on to the driveway.  Once there I turned back around and whined at Mom again.

Let’s go for a walk, Mom.  PLEASE!  I am bored!

“Oh!  You want to go for walk,” Mom stood up and brushed off her clothes. “Okay, that sounds good to me!”


It sure did!






28 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—I’m Bored

  1. Greetings Boomer from Tess, the Border Terrier. Yes, I have found that pleading eyes and a tiny whine often produce the desired result. Another good trick, if Dad is eating a sandwich with a filling I adore (ham for instance – I would die for ham) I sit and watch every sandwich as it goes from his plate to his mouth. I use my pretty eyes to their full advantage and he often saves me a bit and drops it in my bowl as he passes by. Us dogs have to stick together and exchange ideas don’t we?

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