The Pinto Beans—Thursday, September 3, 2015

4Not long now.  One more irrigation then we stop the water.

3The leaves are still showing green. We need them to turn yellow.  And then fall off.  It’s just a matter of days, maybe two weeks at the most.

Almost time….Almost!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm



23 thoughts on “The Pinto Beans—Thursday, September 3, 2015

    • Both. The corn we grow is used for animal feed, to be ground into corn meal for cooking with, made into cereal…like Corn Flakes, Sugar Frosted Flakes and many other food items.


    • On the Pinto Beans, I don’t think they are over there…they seem to be a product of this side of the pond. If I could send you some I would, but Customs probably won’t let me.


  1. We used to raise several dry bean crops. The kids had fun hand threshing them onto a tarp. Pat, Pinto Beans are a staple in our household. We use them for chili beans, hamhocks & beans, mixed bean salad and casseroles.
    Here in northern CA our smoke has finall gone. It already feels like fall. The birds are on their way south, nights are much cooler. The garden is slowing down and winter prep is underway. Wood stacked and chimney cleaning this week.
    Linda, we have enjoyed seeing and hearing about your summer work on your farm. Such hard work but so rewarding. Hello Boomer!

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  2. We used to raise dry beans for home use. Our kids enjoyed threshing the beans onto a trap. Pat, Pinto Beans are a staple in our house. We use them in chili beans, hamhocks & beans, mixed bean salad and casseroles.
    Here in northern CA our smoke is finally gone. Already the season is changing. Cooler nights, birds flying south and the garden is slowing down. Our firewood is stacked and the chimney gets cleaned next week.
    Linda, have really enjoyed you and Terry sharing all your hard work this summer. The pictures, too.
    Hello Boomer!

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  3. The corn crop from yesterday looked great.
    Pinto beans must be grown here in Australia, but all
    tinned and packaged beans seem to be imported – Italy,
    Spain and the USA. I look on the shelves in the supermarkets
    every time since I have followed your blog – for “Produce of Australia”.
    So far – ZILCH!
    When human eating corn is not available here, I have noticed
    in the vegetable section – corn on the cob sold – but now with
    strict laws applying – this has to be marked – PRODUCE OF THE USA!!
    One day if I see it again with our crop being a failure due to weather
    conditions, I must try it. I guess the corn cobs must be flown over
    by cargo planes????
    I think the “BUY AUSTRALIA” campaign for food produce has been an
    outstanding success – support your OWN farmers. That is fair I think.

    It is now getting to the stage here when good rains for summer is becoming
    a bloody big concern.
    Trust all continues to go well for your 2015 cropping season.
    Friday 4th 6.30 am

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