News of a Good Sort—Tuesday, September 8, 2015


The last set of Linkin’s (shared) pigs had her babies.

Three-days-oldShe got to help birth them (she helped with the first pig, named Apple);  this one is named Cookie.  I thought I had blogged about it, but I can’t seem to find where it was to link back to it.

pigsShe’s been with them every step of the way.  From the second they arrived at the neighbor’s farm.

Mr. Chapman has been an excellent friend and champion to Linky.  She was with Apple, even helping deliver the  pigs —Mrs. Chapman right there showing her how.  And now with Cookie.  Linky even got to help deliver two that were stuck.  The pigs are excellent Momma’s and adore ‘their little human girl”.

Sadly, Linkin even had to bear the loss of the pig in the front, when she had a heart attack and died.  “Life and death,”  Mr. Chapman explained “all goes together.”

For this little farm girl, now transplanted to a subdivision, she has been given the gift of both worlds.  Terry and I will always be most grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Chapman.

Your friend on a Western Colorado farm,



33 thoughts on “News of a Good Sort—Tuesday, September 8, 2015

  1. God is all there is for sure, proof of his Love for all in ALL right here. LOVE the demonstration of how the blessings flow. LOVE to you all there….piggies are always my favorite too. Always wanted one …at some point I may have one too! –smiles to you all Merri HI BOOMER TOO!!!

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  2. Certainly a collection of Piglets to handle.
    They really are cute little “buggers”.
    Do they follow Linkin around if she takes them
    out of the sty? Pigs are quite sensible animals,
    the know what side their “bread is buttered on”.
    I gather the Chapmans are neighbours where
    you live, Linda?
    Linky is a lucky girl to have a kind farming mentor.

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  3. Nothing like seeing a life begin to give you a good appreciation of it, and how it’s sometimes hard won. She’s learned an important lesson early. Sounds as if she may be the one who wants to follow you onto the farm…

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  4. What a great friend.
    Our granddaughter wanted to be a vet for the longest time, but I think she’s changed her mind as she’s come to her preteen years. We’ll see.
    Thank you all for all your hard work. God bless. ♥

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