Finished—Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wood-2We finally got all the firewood we ‘think’ we will need for the coming winter.

Wood-1We’ve hauled, stacked, loaded, sorted, and arranged.  We have some logs out by the machine shed for the stove out there.

Our son said he heard that winter was going to come upon us suddenly and last a very long time.

TasselsOnly time will tell.

It was the coldest night so far last night. We woke up to 45*.  The dew is thick upon the grasses and weeds.   The air has a decided turn about it.

Still there is the everlasting light that surrounds us and the farm, bathing all with the start of a new day, or the closing of the old one.

Softly each day brings with it the sheer ordinariness, which is a comfort to the soul.



As always, your friend on a western Colorado farm,


34 thoughts on “Finished—Wednesday, September 9, 2015

  1. Our son told us the same thing in regards to the weather. The hay is stacked and the wood shed is full but Eddie wants to fill up another building for the kitchen wood stove. There’s only about a weeks worth in it at the moment along with a new orphan calf. He also like to cut a couple pickup loads to put on the front porch for the first cold weather and as long as he can get to it without the white stuff. I don’t feel like we’ve had much of a summer and it looks more like fall as each day turns. The maples are turning yellow, orange and red and the dogwoods are completely red now. The deer are setting patterns already which usually doesn’t start until late September here. The hummingbirds left on Monday and I had one straggler that I’m keeping feed out for and probably shouldn’t. The eagles have returned as have the hawks. I believe we’re in for a early and long winter as well.

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  2. Just knowing the earth is moving away from the sun is enough to make me feel very sad. I had never thought how much comfort there is in ordinariness. Thanks for making me feel not so sad.

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  3. Isn’t it a good feeling to have all the wood ready and know you can keep warm all winter. I am busy canning to prepare for winter. I also heard we are going to have a long cold winter, we are in Utah. Just hope it holds off for a few weeks. I really enjoy your blog, someday when I am driving to Colorado Springs to see family, I would like to stop by and say Hello.

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  4. Yes Linda, it is getting gradually colder here too. This week is dry again, although on our side of the country it is cloudy. The farmer has cut the very last of his grass this morning and it is forecast to be dry until mid day on Saturday, but which time he hopes to get it all in. Then it will be muck-spreading – the next job.

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  5. I love your header. I wish our log pile was as uniformed like yours! Ours seem to be all lengths and sizes! We still have lots of cutting, splitting, and stacking to do yet!

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  6. There is nothing to beat the security and comfort of an ample woodpile when you are first staring winter in the teeth, except perhaps finding the season has turned at the end of it, and you still have wood to spare. I’m so grateful not to splitting logs by hand for my wood stove any longer…
    Now that spring is upon us, I’m bracing for the first Big Rain of the Wet!

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  7. Yea! Firewood! Ours is stacked and ready, too. Feels nice and secure, but it is work. I do want to move a cord around by the back door (after fire season) as closer is better in a blizzard. But I really want fall to last for at least a couple months – I wish!

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