The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Finishing Up

Mom and Dad finished stacking all the firewood this week. We have firewood in Mom’s pile by the old basketball hoop, by the machine shed for Dad’s stove, and out by the hay stacks—just in case.

The cats and I always know that the wood pile means MICE!!! It also means Stewart and Stanley have a cool place to hide from me!  (That part I don’t like so much.)

Then Dad took out the hay swather for the very last time this year.


(Dad keeps saying this is the last year he is farming-if he can find someone else to farm this place he is re-tir-ing from farming.  He says if he can’t find someone he is just going to let it sit idle.—-Hummm I wonder if he really is going to retire from farming!?)


Then Dad and Mom and I…I go EVERYWHERE with Mom! Everywhere!


Went out to take care of the ends on the hay…Dad raked and Mom and I gathered the scattered ends.

After that we ate supper—and changed the water.

Last-irrigation-of-the-cornMom always gives me the talk when we get to the water—“No rolling in anything dead, smelly or stinky, Boomer! Don’t run off.  You can sniff around, but you come right back when you hear the four-wheelers start”.  Then she gives me a kiss on the nose and we are off!  Mom and Dad down the ditch bank and me INTO the corn field!

It’s cooler now, much cooler, out on the ditch banks.  Also the grasshoppers are BIG and thick and nasty…they like to jump on us as we walk through the weeds, makes my hide twitch.  I can hear Mom say things like: “Ew get off me you big ugly thing”!  When I turn around I can see a grasshopper stuck on her shirt, or pants, even once in her hair.   Dad always laughs about it.  Mom not so much.

We are only watering the corn now.  The pinto beans are close to being pulled so Dad doesn’t want the ground muddy.

There will be one more irrigation, after the hay is hauled and stacked, then this irrigation season is DONE!


Fall has arrived!



27 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Finishing Up

  1. The hay cutting photo looks great, but grasshoppers????
    That could be a bloody headache.
    I hope you don’t have them in plagues at this time of the harvesting year?
    Friday 8.00 pm 11th.
    This blog came up early!!!
    Strangely a cool day here – looked like rain – but NONE!
    Have fun with the mice in the woodpile.
    Colin (Brisbane.Australia)

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  2. That bay rake brings back a lot of memories. Except the one I spent hours with was red and the tractor was a Ford. Keep thinking about retirement but be sure you’ve got something else fun and active to do to make every day a good one.

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  3. Wow …I can’t believe how fast the summer has gone….and now you’re winding up another productive summer on your farm. Hope fall and winter are good for you folks. Sure love your blog and that Boomer. Keep up the good work!

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  4. as your almost-neighbors (if you axually knew us, we’d be nay-bores, probably!) … yeah, bits of autumn have been appearing. the casual scatter of the first dropped leaves. the once-verdant green grass less so. and the grasshoppers? “kevin” (the local peacock) chases ’em down! and the woodpile with mice? i think our cats don’t have to fed by us! they used to leave most the dead mouse on the doorstep, but recently they’re eating most of their catch (ewwww!). rode our bikes out in the “Stinking Desert” this a.m., then “daddy” mowed the lawn. now he’s drinking beer. getting ready (?) for when he & mom play a set of what they call “music” at a club in Fruita tonight. KEYOOT Boomer pixures! oh! the thing of “don’t roll — ” ? we drove over McClure Pass to investigate Avalanche Ranch Hot Pools a few weekends back. we stopped to let the dogs “do their stuff” (you know … poop?) … JaJa rolled in a DEAD SKUNK ! (as mom warsht JaJa … twice, dad bought more beer …)

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  5. Tell Dad to look into the Farmer Veteran Coalition. Maybe there are some veterans in your area that would be willing to take over the farming.
    Letting it grow, I suppose you could have a hunting club, but it would be good if you could get lucky enough to pass it on to a veteran farmer.
    You’re a good helper, Boomer. Hope you all have a blessed week.

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