Guest Post— Monday, September 14, 2015

Awhile back I got this really nice email from a gentleman, Jack Smith.  He wrote he accidently stumbled upon my blog while looking for more information on chickens and chicken coops.  Once there he said he spent much time checking back over my posts and decided he wanted to contact me.

Well, to make this into a short story, Jack Smith,  is my guest today, providing us with a infographic about Chicken coops.  Jack graciously explained a little of his interest in chickens and why he designed the infographic.  He is also connected with the site…, if any of you are interested.

InfographicHello! My name’s Jack  Smith and I’m very glad to have been given the opportunity to write here by Linda.

I designed the infographic you just saw above and I want to talk a little bit about why I created it and  about keeping poultry. When I first started looking into how to build a chicken coop I was shocked at  the amount of information there was. All the different types and the poultry lingo were all a bit  much for me as a beginner and I felt intimidated.

Was I ready for such a huge task?

In reality, building your own coop is a relatively simple DIY project. Chickens aren’t as picky as you  and me! My fear is that the vast amount of information on the subject will put off newcomers to our  hobby and prevent them from taking the first step into keeping poultry. That’s why I decided to collect just 8 key features that you should have in your coop and put them into an easy to read and  understand infographic. I hope that this will soften the entry for newcomers and show them that  even just a simple coop is better than no coop!

If you are interested in keeping chickens then I would highly encourage you to get started. Not only  do they produce some of the most delicious eggs I’ve ever eaten, backyard chickens are also a great pet for children [and adults] . I believe that children can learn a significant amount from animals and chickens don’t require nearly as much attention as dogs (trust me).

I truly hope you enjoyed my infographic and maybe I’ll be back here to speak to you all again  sometime!

Another small gift from the readers of this blog to you!

Your friend,


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