My Love of Light–Tuesday, September 15, 2015


I love the light…first light of the daybreak…when things of the dark go to sleep and those of the day start their rustle and bustle


This time of year the air is sharp and chill,


but warms through the day, until a nice and toasty heat is radiating off the land


By nightfall, the things of the farm pause and draw breath, slowing for the long rest.


Brilliant evening light filters through every crack and crevice


The plants pause first,  then the animals and birds slow, stopping their frantic search for food;  if you are still and just listen you can hear the earth itself draw a slow and peaceful breath.

There are many, many names for God.  The reason being;  one small word is not enough to describe love.

As always your friend on a western Colorado farm,



16 thoughts on “My Love of Light–Tuesday, September 15, 2015

  1. That was a beautiful post, makes one wonder with all that beauty how people can say there is no God. You are right He comes in so many forms and sometimes we tend to take these for granite. Beauty can be all around us and we miss the little things while looking for a big one.

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