The Last Cut of the Year—Wednesday, September 14, 2015

Making-balesThey weather held.  What a good thing to have happen.

LoadAlthough the mornings were a tad chilly, and it took awhile for the dew to dry to just the right point.

Boomer's-WorkThe hay crew and Terry got ever last bale in the field stacked and covered.

Monday it started to sprinkle around 9 in the morning, with a weatherperson’s promise of more to come.

Monday morning the irrigation water was started for the last time on the hay field.  Helping it go into the winter in a good way.

Joy on the farm and in farm yard!

Your friend,


34 thoughts on “The Last Cut of the Year—Wednesday, September 14, 2015

  1. Well done – Terry and Linda.
    I never doubted for a moment.
    Your work of endless hours has paid off.
    As we say – “Down Under” – Bloody well done, mates!
    7.30 pm Wednesday 16th.
    And it is raining here !!! Hopefully nation wide.

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  2. We’ve just had our first rain for months, not enough to do anything except make the weeds grow and give the cane a little longer to put on sugar… Give it a couple of months and the Wet should start in a big way, along with the big heat and humidity. This is such a good time of year… for both of us!

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  3. Yay!! So happy for you! What a great feeling to be all done and under wraps before the rains came! We are in need of rain here as it really is time to turn the irrigation wells off and the bolls to mature and open. Small rains would be beneficial.


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