Ditch Work—Wednesday, October 7, 2015

We are working on winterizing the farm.  Boomer and I started picking up the siphon tubes and the orange dams.  Cows are very hard on things like that—they love to walk on them to hear the snap!  Silly girls.

DirtToday we are back at the settling pond.  He was going to finish it up in the spring, but has since decided to do it now.  The huge pile you see in the corner we will do just before the water turns in, but the rest of the dirt will come out this fall.

Actually today.

JumpFour-wheeler jump on a dirt pile!! Tee Hee

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


18 thoughts on “Ditch Work—Wednesday, October 7, 2015

    • He has several collector cars that he has in various stages of repair…one is waiting it’s brand new motor, the old pickup is slowly being rebuilt….the corvette we drive, but he wants to work on certain things on it. Then he wants to tear down a old barn and build and new one…..so much to do and our time is starting to run out. 😦


  1. I should imagine that one thing you and Terry will be glad
    to see the last of is those bloody pipes – putting in and out
    and moving them.
    Will you be selling them to the new “renter” farmer?
    One of the photos appears to show storm clouds in the distance
    but otherwise all looks nice and fine.
    Getting very summery here – the omens look like a scorcher
    of a summer for us, Down Under.
    Already areas have big bush fires breaking out – not good.
    Rain ASAP is urgent to put some moisture and heaps of it
    back into the ground and green up the bushlands and scrub
    country regions.

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    • He will sell the gated pipe. But you know there are still lots of gated pipe on the farm; they will stay. If the farm is rented the irrigation system is part of what the renter rents. Hope you get rain soon.


  2. Am finally caught up on your busy schedule and WOW! Terry just can’t sit still can he? He’ll be glad in the spring though that those chores are already done (and probably find more to do). Hugs to you and Boom!

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