A New Bird to Our Area—Sunday, October 18, 2015

When out and about the other day, Terry, Boomer and I came upon a new bird.  A couple of pretty little doves.  I took a photo of them, but it turned out too dark to use.  Then two or three days ago a reader, OneFly, sent me a photo of the same doves in his area down in the corner of our state

Type of Dove

He asked me if I had

Type of DoverHe asked me if we had any of these birds up here.

Surprisingly we just had just seen some.

Then yesterday, OneFly sent me the answer: They called Inca Doves, and they ARE new to our area!

How very cool this is.  I hope they hang around and find our neck of the world to their liking!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



24 thoughts on “A New Bird to Our Area—Sunday, October 18, 2015

  1. For Linda to see these little doves in Delta is very neat. They are out of their range according to the map by several hundred miles. Maybe they are very tough for their size and can kick out the unwanted invasive Eurasion Collared Dove.

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  2. How cool!! We only have mostly the ring-necked dove here with just a few white-winged dove. The ringed-necks have chased almost all of the Mourning Doves. Would love to see and hear an Inca Dove!!


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  3. We. Have a lot of the little gray doves here in Florida and a couple of hawks that really like them. They feed in our yard a lot and then I see a hawk swoop down and grab one. I put bread out for the birds but find the doves only like it crumbled very fine into crumbs.

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