The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—A Watchful Night

About 7:30 or so last night Mom and Dad got a phone call.  I didn’t pay much attention to them getting a phone call—it happens all the time.

Mom picked up the phone: “Hello” then she didn’t say anything for a very long time. Since Mom was sitting next to me, and I was lying next to the fire place toasting the pads on my feet, I did hear the phone say—to repeat this message press any button now.

Suddenly Mom was jumping up, sort of stumbling over me…shish! I got up and moved out of the way.  By the time I got up, Mom was over at Dad’s chair, handing him the phone.  I saw her push a button and then put the phone to Dad’s ear.

Dad listened awhile and said.  “This is serious!” as he hung up the phone.

He told Mom to call my oldest Sister to let her know about the reverse 911 (a 119) call.

Here is what I heard as Mom talked to Shannon—

“We just got a call from the Sherriff’s department.  There are two armed and dangerous fugitives on the loose.  They are two men wearing dark hoody type coats, each man has a dark backpack and is wearing camouflage shorts.  If you see them call 911 immediately.  Do NOT approach them, do Not try to detain them in any manner.  The armed fugitives have been spotted in our vicinity.  We are advised to lock all out buildings, all vehicles, the doors and windows to our house, and stay inside.”

Then Mom and Dad turned on all the outside lights, got flashlights and headed out to do as instructed.  Of course I went with them.  I AM the protector of the property, and of Mom and Dad.


As we were doing all this we could see down our country lane and way across the fields of our neighbor’s there were lots and lots of car lights and activity on the roads surrounding us.   Later on a helicopter flew by.  It was all very….unusual for our little part of the world that is for sure.

Mom made me come inside and locked the doors.  “You can go out only if I am with you, Boomer.  No since in you getting in harm’s way.” She said, as I bedded down for the night.


This morning everything seems to be back to normal.  I checked out the lane, nothing there but the usual.

Sure was a watchful night.



25 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—A Watchful Night

  1. Scary! One of our daughters-in-law worked on the code to write the reverse 911 program so that is how we knew about it. I’ve never known anyone to actually get a call. But it sure is a good thing. Now I am wondering if cell phones get notified because that’s all we have now.

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  2. That is so scary! I would have been terrified. Did you ever have any follow up news about how the fugitives were and if they’d been caught? I would not have slept a wink that night…even with Boomer there to protect me. Like I said on the other post, I’m kind of a “Stanley.”

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