Experimenting—Tuesday, November 24, 2015

After years and years of wanting a Pizzelle Iron I finally broke down and bought one.

Then it was time to make the sweet Italian cookies.  Searching the net I saw there were lots and lots of gluten-free recipes for these wonderful cookies. (I cook totally gluten-free, since Terry, our youngest daughter, and our oldest granddaughter all have Celiac’s Disease.)

To-FillFinally picking one I went for it.  After burning the first two cookies, I quickly got the hang of how they are supposed to look.

Then I tried making the cookies into a roll so I could fill them.

Pizzel-1Yummy.  Although, next time I’m just going to keep them flat and not roll and fill them.  A little sprinkle of shifted powdered sugar and they are good to go.

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34 thoughts on “Experimenting—Tuesday, November 24, 2015

    • I thought I would take some with us. Our daughter and son-in-law in Grand Junction are having the dinner. I’m in charge of the dressing…it will be wild rice dressing soaked in cream.


  1. I have a pizzel iron……haven’t used it in a VERY long time. I just might have to dig it out of the cupboard and use it. I made mine both flat and filled….the nut filling was the best. It consisted of cooking corn syrup, brown sugar, cinnamon and nuts together and the trick was to use it while both were still warm. You needed very little in the center but it made a tasty treat…..that is NOT on my diet right now 😉


  2. Our youngest doesn’t have celiac disease; but he definitely had a wheat intolerance. Went to a allergy specialist and all he could tell us is what our son is not allergic to. Said he may have intolerances, but he didn’t have allergies. Well, we already knew he didn’t have celiac disease, but it was equally obvious that when we cut wheat out, he started feeling better.

    The biggest fight has been getting hubby to understand.

    Now the gastro has son on the FODMAP diet. Which also says to stay away from wheat. So, still sometimes arguing with hubby.

    Hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving. Thank you for all the food you provide for the country. God bless. ♥

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