Yesterday the Farm at Twilight—Wednesday, November 25, 2015

5The farm at twilight holds a deep hush….a sighing as the day slows down.

11A storm building over the Uncompahgre Plateau speaks of a snow storm.

10The air tells all to be still, hunker down, step lightly snow is coming.

17As for myself, while Boomer, Monkey the cat, and I take our evening walk…I give thanks —  for each day is gift.  No matter what happens on the morrow.

The weather people say we will have snow this evening and tomorrow.  If you are traveling, please take care no matter where you are —

As always your friend on a western Colorado farm,




33 thoughts on “Yesterday the Farm at Twilight—Wednesday, November 25, 2015

  1. Stunning pics. Officially it is summertime in South Africa, but here in Paradise we are still shivering and the wind is still howling like a demented spirit. Desperately praying for rain – the whole country is suffering with severe drought.

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  2. I always loved the air just before a snow storm; quiet and with a bite not felt during any other time. Perhaps even a specific smell unique to the preamble to snow.

    I miss the changing seasons. Although the weather changes from hot to cool and vice versa, there’s no distinct seasons other than hot and cold.

    I remember early summer, high in the Rockies. The snow had melted and the foliage from the previous autumn had begun to decay under the wet snow. What a treat it was to walk into the forest. It was like walking into a potpourri jar with the pine and fir smell mixed with the decaying birch and oak. The ferns and mosses all adding to the true breath of fresh air.

    There’s nothing like the Rockies

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