Broken—-Friday, November, 27, 2015

My fan on my computer is not working….sigh!  So my regular computer will not turn on.  My computer people took the week end off. (Good for them….breaks are always nice.)

I’m checking in with a laptop, which doesn’t have all my photos or my other things I work with on a daily basis.  Sure is a drag.

Anyway, I hope to get my computer into the shop come Monday.  Until it is fixed I will be using this laptop to visit your blogs or your Face Book page.  My posting will probably be very slim until I can get my computer fixed and back home again.

Please hang around…I hope to be back soon.  I rather miss my computer.

Your friend,



28 thoughts on “Broken—-Friday, November, 27, 2015

  1. I hate when that happens … You sound sane and balanced .. When my computer goes I get absolutely nuts! I use an IPad a lot to visit and comment, but I can’t make posts on it … All my pics are on the laptop and also my blogging platform doesn’t work on the Pad. Good luck!

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  2. I agree, I would be so lost, if and when something happens to my computer. I need to buy an external hard drive in case it does happen in the future.


  3. ooh: your entry pixure reminds me of, well, practically Ev’ry WEAR in westurn Cullerawdough! knocked some HUGE ice=cycles off my son’s roof-edges in Steembote last week! and ’cause of my job trompin’ in the snow in Ridgway, today I was (after about 4 weeks) back IN the office and it felt like I was thawing out all day ~

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