THANKFULLY! —- Wednesday, December 1, 2015

Frozen-2Thankfully! My computer is fixed!!!  And it wasn’t a huge fix or an expensive one, nor did I have to buy a new one!  YAY!

Frozen1We are frozen here!  Although, we did have a wee melt today around three o’clock. I think we got up to 33*.  Strange weather…more like January and February.

SundogI also saw a small sundog on my morning walk.  Colder weather coming toward us again, it seems.

Oh, well.  my computer is back!  Everything is right with the world again!

I’ve missed you!

Your very happy friend,



47 thoughts on “THANKFULLY! —- Wednesday, December 1, 2015

  1. Glad to have you back. I’ve been off of the computer some lately, too. Too many busy things to do! Your header looks sooooo cold, but pretty at the same time! Yes, my cotton is in the field yet, too. Bad storm on Thanksgiving afternoon with 1″ of rain and then freezing precipitation on Friday and Saturday. This week is pretty, so far, so hope some drying is being done. Love the little snow flakes!! Well, back to cleaning freezer….we are getting some meat in a few days, so must make room.


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