That Brutal World We Live In — Wednesday, July 21, 2021

While out-and-about

I saw a coyote (from a distance) hanging out where the swather had been sitting and where the squirrels were playing.

He/she was sporting the Summer-fur look.


A quick dash off.


I drove the four-wheeler over to the spot, to save the rest of the surry of squirrels, at least for a short while.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-It Started Out as a Good Day

The whole day started out just wonderful!


I barked the mail lady down the road, gave her the good ‘ol what for, and barked her all the way back out of the yard!

Felt wonderful!


The sun was shining; Mom and I went for a walk!


We saw a helicopter, flying low enough Mom took a photo of it!

I barked happily at it!


The snow is leaving EVERYWHERE!  Only place left now is the canal, and it is melting!


Min-Min Lou and I


played hide and seek


in one of the irrigation culverts!


Then I trotted off and left Min-Min and Mom.  I needed to gather lots of news from around the place.

While out there I found a really nasty, stinky, spot and gave myself a GREAT BIG RUB and ROLL in the nasty, stinky, stuff!

I was so very happy to get back to Mom and Min-Min so they could smell this lovely odor with me!


Mom. Was. Not. Happy!

She marched us right home and gave me a bath, with hydrogen peroxide, warm soapy water, and lots of clean rinse water.



Mom is such a spoiled sport when it comes to really cool nasty smelling stuff.


Broken—-Friday, November, 27, 2015

My fan on my computer is not working….sigh!  So my regular computer will not turn on.  My computer people took the week end off. (Good for them….breaks are always nice.)

I’m checking in with a laptop, which doesn’t have all my photos or my other things I work with on a daily basis.  Sure is a drag.

Anyway, I hope to get my computer into the shop come Monday.  Until it is fixed I will be using this laptop to visit your blogs or your Face Book page.  My posting will probably be very slim until I can get my computer fixed and back home again.

Please hang around…I hope to be back soon.  I rather miss my computer.

Your friend,


Bittersweet Ending

Summer is going and Fall is approaching. 


Although, I really do like the warm days and the cooler evenings, it’s winter that I dread.  And it looks like it is coming very early this year.  We only had about two weeks of really hot weather, so I figure we only had about two weeks of summer.

 Other signs are out there, the song birds have flown, the hummers have left, the milkweed is blowing and the cattails are starting to split.  All this started about the middle of August…now this