The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Not Yet

“Come on, Boomer!  Let’s go with Dad and get a corn sample!”  Mom patted her leg for me to follow them.  Off we went into the corn fields.  An ear here and an ear there…all through the three corn field.

“Be sure and get an ear in the down spot, it seems to take forever to dry.”  Dad pointed so Mom would understand just where he wanted her to get a sample.

“Okay, I’ll head to the top corn field and get one from the down side of the big field.”  Mom told Dad, as he headed to the front field—“Alright, and I’ll get one from the road side of the big field.

Back home we shelled the corn into cans to take to the elevator to have it tested.  It doesn’t matter what YOUR tester says (if the corn is dry or not) it matters if the Elevators testers says it’s dry.


While Mom and Dad shelled I tasted out the knurls to see if they were hard or soft.  I like to do MY part!

Then we all loaded up and headed to the elevator.  We went in the car this time, it’s just too cold for me to ride (LIKE I LOVE TO DO) in the back of the truck.

At the elevator Mom and I sat in the car and waited while Dad walked the samples in.  Waiting is OKAY BY ME!!! Mom rolls the window down and I sniff and smell all I want.

Then Dad was back and we were heading home.

“Not yet” Dad said. “Still too wet…15.9.”  Dad gave a HUGE sigh.  We wait some more.”

“Two weeks, do you think?” Mom asked.

“Who knows,” Dad replied glumly.  “Who knows?”

“Well, I guess it is what it is.” I hear Mom say.

Then Mom said: “Hopefully the weather will dry and warm up, which should help.  Also, if it will dry and warm up, Boomer and I can get out there and get all the siphon tubes, dams and other things picked up and stored for the winter.  It’s just been too wet and cold to get the farm put to bed.”

Hum, I thought, I think the farm is already in bed, it’s just Mom hasn’t got the room picked up and straighten up for the company…meaning Mom needs to get the irrigation stuff picked up and brought into the farm yard so the COWS don’t ruin it!


GOOD!  Let’s hope for warmer, drying weather…I LOVE picking up all the irrigation stuff.  Just Mom and me and the farm.  YAY!


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