Storm Coming In—Thursday, December 10, 2015

19They tell us a winter storm is coming in.  With temperatures dropping to single digits.

13 It must be so.  The last of yesterdays sunlight caught like cobwebs in the corn.  The sky gradually filling with clouds from the west. Our storms always come from the west.

27As the clouds thickened and gathered the sunlight

28Splashed golden and yellow across our land.

This morning we woke up to a fully covered sky, full of thick clouds, which bespeak of snow.

Winter lays heavy on the land.

With much love, from a desperate to harvest but can’t, western Colorado farm,


OH! P.S.  The header is a photo of a double sundog, sent to me from our daughter and son-in-law in Grand Junction.  It’s stunning, don’t you think?


27 thoughts on “Storm Coming In—Thursday, December 10, 2015

  1. The “Weather Gods” are certainly not co-operating with this 2015
    corn harvest. I suppose that the corn “D-day” is fast approaching?
    Off it comes or a case of extra food for the agisted cows coming for
    their calving or the very lucky deer population.
    It is a bloody hard life for farmers of crops whose living depends on
    weather co-operation.
    Good luck

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  2. Linda maybe there will be a hole in the clouds and you will not get any snow. we had bad ice thanksgiving weekend. The corn here is done and most of the cotton Can you cut if no snow? Beautiful pictures. Sharon Drake south central kansas

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  3. as you know, we ain’t farmers, and can only sympathize ~ we had to “get our dogs out” (as they’ve been in all week) so we drove to where Land’s End is blocked-off, hoisted our bikes over the gate, and rode up the snow-covered pavement a couple miles. it was mostly fun, except for the laundry (& dog brushing) afterwards !

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