The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—A Walk with Monkey the Cat

Every day, Mom, myself, Monkey cat and sometimes the really old, old cat, Sammy-Sam —Sammy is 15 that is ancient for a cat! —go for a walk.

MM3Sometimes we go far, far, far, and sometimes not so far. Mom doesn’t like to walk far, far, far, with the cats, because cats can become FOOD!  Also, Monkey doesn’t stay with Mom and I, she is here and there and everywhere.  If we walk by the corn field, she runs into the still standing corn field.

Mom says the still standing corn field is a dangerous place for cats… fox like to live in the still standing corn field and the coyotes hide in the still standing corn field. Therefore, we don’t ever walk by the corn field if Monkey is with us.  Sammy usually doesn’t walk as far as the cornfields anymore anyway, so Mom doesn’t worry about Sam.

Monkey-1Yesterday we all went for a walk…Sammy stopped by the equipment shed saying he was going to hang around there and search for mice.  We all waved our paws good-bye, Mom gave Sam some really nice body rubs then we were off again.

MM1This time we walked along the, now, dry canal…Monkey LOVES the canal.  She likes walking in the canal looking for mice and other interesting things that hide in the grass.

I sometimes hop into the canal with her, but I much prefer sniffing along the bank and down the canal road.

Cross-Over-Ditch We usually walk all the way up to the Cross-Over Pipe.  Up there Mom lets us play on the pipe that crosses over the canal from one field to another field.  I walk very, very fast over the pipe my toe nails clicking the whole way…I try to move fast, because, well, toe nails and metal make for some slippery sliding times.

monkey-2.jpgSometimes Mom walks over and back with us.  We all laugh and have a great time.  Monkey runs across and doesn’t even think a think about it.

I try to sniff in the pipe holes, but Mom and Dad always cover them up so the skunks, raccoons, fox and other critters who like to den up can’t hunker down in the pipes.  Still I sniff, it’s interesting to see if anyone has tried to live in one of the pipes.

MM2Then we walk back home, sometimes fast (if it’s getting dark and colder) sometimes we take our time.  Either way, it works for me, and Monkey, just being outside with Mom is always fun.




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