The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—A Little of This and a Little of That

Not much happening here…

Snow1It snowed, then it got cold, colder, coldest


The UPS guy arrived…JOY!  I didn’t get to bark him in…I was sleeping next to the fireplace, toasting the pads on my paws when he showed up.  But I DID get to bark him OUT of the yard and down the lane


Which reminds me…why do I have to sleep on the floor and the cat gets to sleep on the sofa?


I’ve been checking on the squirrel brothers….lots!  They like to play in the woodpile, so I hang out there and try to play with them


Sam and I are the only ones who go outside.  Sam doesn’t like a litter box and I don’t use one


Mom has the tree up.  Monkey keeps taking the ornaments off the lower branches—I don’t even DARE to think about doing something like that!

Cats get away with tons of stuff!  Tons!


The days are short, but really they are Long, Longer, Longerer…I’m ready for action!!

Until then…I’ll just sleep by the fire and toast my pads.



22 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—A Little of This and a Little of That

  1. yeah: brrrr! good thing we’ve got lotsa fire-wood stacked up ! THAT makes it a bunch nicer inside — the “kittens” (they’re 7 months, “almost cats”) sure enjoy curling up near — but the dogs continue to enjoy joining me/us on a run outside, long as we’re back by the fire after ~

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  2. Don’t seem fair the way your mom favors those cats but remember some dogs are not allowed in the house at all, some are tied on chains and can’t find a nice place in the barn or somewhere to sleep. I guess you are pretty lucky with the mom you have, cats and all. At least they don’t get to go to town when you go.


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