Christmas Blessings—-December 27, 2015

CraigWe loaded up the car, took Boomer to Shannon’s and WENT TO CRAIG, Colorado for Christmas!

SnowingEven though it was snowing here.  What’s a little snow when there are grandchildren at the end of the drive?

I drove…that is saying lots, since I do NOT like to drive on bad roads.  Terry drove home…it was much, much worse then.  But we caravanned with our son and our son-in-law and daughter from Grand Junction so that helped.

Snow-WalkWe had a great time.  I went with Linkin to see the pigs (then Uncle Evan went with Linkin) the pigs had lots of company off and on for Christmas.  20 inches of snow and -18* with a high of 12*.

The photo up above shows Linkin walking on her ‘short cut’ to the house from the pig barn…’Come on, Grammy!  I have a trail, just follow in my foot steps.”

“Okay”, I replied.  First step into the trail I sunk up to my knees…I’m just a wee bit—tad bit–a HUGELY bit bigger than an eleven year old.  We both had a good laugh.

Snow-MailThe grandkids and their Dad built a snowman around the mailbox…a surprise for the mail man.  I thought it was cute!

KidsWaiting for the big day!

We brought back the two girls. Blade and his Dad are going to very cold Bronco game on Monday, then they all will come here for the New Year!

Some gifts really are priceless, don’t you agree!

Your friend,




37 thoughts on “Christmas Blessings—-December 27, 2015

  1. Merry Christmas Linda and Terry from Minnesota!!!! Boomer too..and all critters and family…. looks like a sure blessing there and everywhere!!!! Talk to you soon, Love Merri

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  2. All then turned out well for you and Terry for Christmas – with family members.
    Minus 18f degrees – Well that is…… well – aaaaaaaaaaaah – how do you put it?
    “BLOODY COLD” – there I have said/written it.

    I’m sure that people down on the southern coastline of Victoria, along the
    picturesque “Great Ocean Road” would have loved snow for Christmas.
    Bush fires destroyed over 140 homes in the hills overlooking Bass Strait,
    and even with some easing rain on Boxing Day – these fires (controlled now) are still
    burning – scary.
    And in parts of the US – tornadoes. Terrible at any time but so hard when
    it happens in what should be a “time of festivity”.

    I hope the “Broncos” won for Kelly and Bladen?
    PS; Weather here – rained again yesterday evening and overnight, Cool weather????
    Plenty of rain up north and north west – the rural communities are having an EXCELLENT
    Christmas – rain and even flooding being the best present for a long time.

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  3. Hi Linda! Gradually catching up on some blog posts, LOVE the mailbox snowman!! Very cute idea 😃 Hope the boys had a great time at Mile High despite the cold – we watched the game on tv (huge Broncos fans!). Yes, getting to take the kids home with you is probably the best gift right? Have a great New Years celebration & stay safe in your snowy weather! Helen

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