Still no Harvest—Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I loved these two photos from FaceBook; thought I would share them with you.  The header and this one.

Water and snow

Still no corn harvest…Terry will check tomorrow to see where the corn moisture is…he and I are hoping with all this cold the corn has dried it down enough we can begin.  What a strange, strange year for harvesting.

Hope you have a good one today!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




36 thoughts on “Still no Harvest—Tuesday, December 29, 2015

  1. That is NOT the news I wanted to read.
    Only two days left – I think 2015 in the crop “stakes”
    has not been the kindest of harvest years for you and Terry.
    I can well imagine the deer having a field day – just like the
    kangaroos here – not only crop eating but fence busting.

    Every time I shovel cornflakes down my throat at breakfast,
    I will think of your 2015 corn harvest and not happily.
    Good luck
    PS: Still here in Brisbane – “Spring like weather” and good drenching
    rain from cyclones in the north out west for the rural communities
    who are “whooping” up their good fortune – albeit some are flood bound.

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  2. Pretty photos, Linda. I would think as cold as it has been that the corn would be dry for sure ~ But then again…
    Just hope it’s a good harvest whenever it finally happens!

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  3. We have ice since saturday,thank goodness no schools so makes traffic less. We have not been out , maybe in couple days…..Linda are there other farmers that have not cut their corn around you.? This may be the straw that makes this your last year like Terry was talking about. Wish you the best. Harry and Sharon Drake…… also all of you folks that write to Linda I wish you all a great year.

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    • Everyone here is in the same boat…no one has been able to harvest. Although, a few loads of high-moisture corn has gone down to the elevator (they only want it if they call) for animal feed. Still we wait.


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