Winter Fun, Even if it is Snowing Again—Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Snowing-again-1It’s snowing again.  We won’t be doing corn until the year 2016.  What a mighty unusual year this has been.  We are NOT the only farmers in our area having this problem, everyone is having the same problem.  There are a few loads of high moisture corn going to the elevator, but only if the elevator calls and asks if you can bring some down.

We have two of the grandchildren for the week.  Our oldest granddaughter is staying with her BFF for a couple of days, she will be with us this afternoon.  Winter-RideOur youngest granddaughter has been enjoying Aunt Shannon and Romeo.  Although, rides don’t happen often they do occur frequently.

RideWe had a BFF of our youngest granddaughter come spend the afternoon with us — we went down to feed Romeo carrots, pet all six dogs, and the two cats…pick up and love on at least 4 of the eight chickens — Aunt Shannon asked if they would like to go for a ride on Romeo.

So from down at Romeo’s house, clear around a couple of the corn fields, and down the lane to our house they got to ride. Two very excited little girls.  Shannon left them off at our house and trotted back home.  The highlight of the whole afternoon, I can assure you.

This afternoon our daughter in Craig and our grandson should arrive.  For the New Year we will have all our grandchildren—a neat way to start out the year.

Snowing-again-1All this snow would be a really nice thing, if the corn was just out.  But, it is what it is, and there is nothing we can do about it.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



30 thoughts on “Winter Fun, Even if it is Snowing Again—Wednesday, December 30, 2015

  1. Enjoy your grandkids!! I feel so bad that you haven’t had a chance to harvest yet…..I know how you must feel. It’s like when we don’t have our winter feed in and no way of doing it without the weather cooperating 😦

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  2. I’m sorry that you’ll have to wait for the new year to get the corn harvested, but it looks as if you’re enjoying having the family around. Cherish every minute with them, and I hope all of you have a healthy and happy new year.

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  3. I don’t suppose there’s any other use you can put the corn to, is there? Those rides in the snow look wonderful! I’ll be thinking of you surrounded by family for New Years; I’m on my own, as John is working tonight and tomorrow, so no staying up to see the year in…

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  4. Maybe 2016 weather might co-operate better?
    “Romeo” looks like a nice quiet pony for the youngsters
    to learn to ride on.
    That is a beautiful “header” at the top.
    No intention here to see the New Year in, the
    Fireworks over Sydney Harbour will have to wait until the news
    on TV the next day – ha ha.
    All the best for 2016

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  5. So glad you’re having New Year’s Company….that should be fun! Love that Romeo…what a beautiful horse! How sad about your corn….good grief it seems like it’s taking forever this year. Sorry to hear about that. Sure hope you can get it harvested soon and be done with that for awhile. In the meantime, a very Happy New Year to you and your whole family!

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