The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—A Little Girl from Our Neck of the High Mountain Desert

Mom!Mom and I have been on the watch for ‘good things’.  Mom says it breaks up the long, gray days, and opens us up for more interesting things.


So every day I head out to check things out…sometimes Mom comes sometimes not.  Sometimes the pads on my paws just get so toasted I can walk on snow and not feel a thing.

Once out there I look around for all good things—seems like I always find good things, yummy smells, interesting news, barking someone down the long, long lane all good things.


Like Mom says—it’s fun to look for good things.   Look at this….

Jeneve Mitchell!  This is a young woman from way up country of our county, Delta County, in Crawford, Colorado.  As you watch you will see Needle Rock, a famous rock in Crawford.  Proof of what she says…that she is from our neck of the High Mountain Desert.

Now wouldn’t that be nice if she became the NEXT AMERICAN IDOL!?



17 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—A Little Girl from Our Neck of the High Mountain Desert

  1. I guess there is something to see and love everywhere Boomer, but I am afraid my feet woul never be toasty enough even with shoes on, for that snow (because I am a weather wimp). There is an American Idol contestant from our home in Western Oregon(summer home) . We might just have to start watching the show again, with two people to root for … Haven’t watched for years.

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  2. Looking for good things is better than looking for trouble, B. Mom and I watched Jeneve on Idol. She’s amazing! And she is WAAAAY off the grid, for sure! Mom loses her will to live when she thinks about being off the grid. We are soft from living in the city.

    Love and licks,

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  3. That is a wonderful clip. It would be wonderful to be able to live off the grid, I think sometimes that we really take too much for granted with the way we live now. They will be a lot better off, if anything happens to the technologies that we live with day to day.

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