A Surprise Email—Sunday, February 7, 2016

I received the following email a short time ago, from Charles Sipe, a student at Seattle University:
 “Hi Linda,
I wanted to contact you to let you know that Life on a Colorado Farm was ranked on our list of top farming blogs at http://www.rankedblogs.com/farming .  It is currently ranked #10 on our list.
RankedBlogs.com ranks the top blogs in different categories based on votes, website links, MozRank score, and Twitter followers.
We also have a badge that you can add to your site to encourage people to vote for your blog which will improve your rank on our list.
Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your time.
Best regards,
Charles Sipe
Seattle University
So—- as you see I have added the badge to my side bar…what a fun thing to have happen!   If you would like to see all the ranked farm blogs just click on the badge, in the sidebar. (Not in this post–the one in this post won’t go anywhere.  🙂 )
Then if you are want you can visit the blogs and vote for those YOU like.
Your smiling farm friend,

40 thoughts on “A Surprise Email—Sunday, February 7, 2016

  1. Well done Linda. What I like about your posts is that you tell us so much about your farm – its situation, the crops you grow, the irrigation etc. Sometimes we hear it through your voice, sometimes through Boomer’s voice. We as farmers are always interested in it because it couldn’t be more different from life on our farm here in the Yorkshire Dales, UK.

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  2. Congratulations Linda and Terry.
    Your blog on the everyday activities on your farm are informative and professionally
    written. You, both, deserve this accolade – you with the words and photos and Terry
    and his expert farming work.
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
    PS: Still no February – hopefully wont’ come. I won’t miss the annual sauna.

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  3. Congratulations to you all, The farmer and I love your blog because you tell the story of farmer life either with your own voice or with Boomer’s. Your farm could not be more different from ours – the situation, the climate, the crops you grow, the wildlife, the irrigation. Both of us read it every day – so the award is well deserved.

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  4. Well, congratulations! It is well deserved for all the love you put into it. ^_^

    I don’t see anything but black on your page though. Your header, your blog, and everything else is black. 😦

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