We Have Begun—-Thursday, June 16, 2022

During the time of the Strawberry moon —Last night–

We finished the First Cutting of Alfalfa.  (And it’s already sold.)

This is the first field, we have one more to go.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Yes, I Still Wear Shorts —- Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Yes, it’s cold outside…

And normal people like to dress with lots of layers on

Yes, we heat our house with a wood stove, which makes for lots of work…

But it has to seriously get cold for me to start wearing long pants to work around the farm (I wear long pants to town…just say’n. 🙂 )

I have had to give up my flip-flops during early morning activities

But it has to get insanely cold—like in January and February

To give up my shorts.

In my defense when I grew up all little girls had to wear dresses to school, even in Jr. High, even in High School…please tell me what is the difference between dresses that are the length of shorts and, well, shorts?


That’s my story and I’m sticking with it!  LOL!!!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



The Fire Season—-Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Fire-Road-1We have been  working on the fire roads.  This is a scary time of year for us.

Fire-road-1As you can see there is lots of fuel, if a fire were to get away from someone burning off their fields.


Twice we had two different neighbors start fires below us and go off and leave them. The fires came just five feet from the barn and corrals at our rental.  It was terrifying.

The photos here are of the one in 2012.Fire-10 (the second fire…was in  2011 from a different neighbor)

Then on March 16, 2012 the ditch company burned up the other two sides of our place.

Since that time we have been very, very careful! to keep fire roads open and well maintained.  For years and years we never even had fire roads, nor did we need fire roads.  It just all started about 8 years ago when people decided to burn instead of work the ground up.

Terry, also, disks around all the corn fields and the alfalfa fields.  Having those fields disked actually stopped the second fire from swooshing across to our house and barns.   Fire makes it’s own wind and with the wind blowing it can travel very fast, even jumping from spot to spot.

Road-1We feel the roads are in now good shape; so today he will start disking around the ends of the fields.


Usually I drive the tractor  with the loader, but sometimes Terry and I switch.

Yes-I-driveHe’s MUCH better at the scary stuff and than I am!


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,