THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! —- Thursday, March 17, 2016


This local rock art says:  “Little bitty turtle, says Thank-you to all  big helpers on big horse and little horse for knowledge on back up of computer.”  🙂  signs-on-rock-31.jpg(I now have a game plan and can proceed!  You have been most accommodating in helping me!  Thank you so Much! —See the mountain lion on the rock?  That’s me…I now know the way!  tee hee)

Today is Saint Patrick’s Day!!  March 17th!  On this day everyone, is always a little bit Irish!  But for real understanding of the most popular Catholic Saint go here.


Terry finished rolling the old pinto bean ground.  Today we take a break.  Up-the-Crest

Yesterday, was uphill from sunup to sun down.

I finished raking the whole yard, all the of the farm yard buildings and the corrals.  Then in the afternoon Terry and I worked on tearing down and cutting up an old building, which was crumbling.  We were concerned that a huge storm would finish it off.  This meant moving all the stuff in the building, then the laborious process of dismantling and sawing up the wood.  The old barn wood we saved, but other than that we started making fire starter wood.

Today….we are tired.  Very.  So today we rest, sorta…I have that tedious thing to do call grocery shopping and Terry is working with a guy to do some back hoe stuff.



With much love,


22 thoughts on “THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! —- Thursday, March 17, 2016

  1. Big green John Deere to celebrate Irish day. (no quite sure why Irish get their own day–not that there’s anything wrong with it). Yep. Spring cleanup. Laugh out loud and the tuckered out Boomer.

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  2. Sounds like a rest is a very good idea for today… both there and here. We did a huge long night baling and carting in hay because of forecast rain. And yes, it did actually rain so the huge effort was worth it.

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  3. Well, dang, never thought about getting my little John Deere 1023 out and riding around the property yesterday. That would have been getting my green on. I read thru the comments from yesterday, and several folks mentioned something I forgot in my rambling post, and that is, these small hard drives are so very cheap any more, I keep my local backups on two different ones. Like one lady says, it feels good to know you have one in reserve if one goes belly up.

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  4. So, inquiring minds would like to know what you are going to use. I hate grocery shopping anymore…it’s one of the most expensive vehicles to use and you have to push it yourself.


    • The cost is outrages! I really don’t know what to do about groceries…ugh!

      I think I’m going with scandisk and then going to get an external harddrive to back up weekly. Which harddrive is the question…so I’ll talk to my computer repair person and get what she recommends. What did you come up with?


      • I’m using a My Passport external hard drive which will stay attached to the computer and I’m getting another one to use as a weekly back up. I’m putting my favorite photos on Flickr in their full resolution too. I also save photo’s separately on another hard drive month to month. I’m looking into big flashdrive’s for that too.


  5. I just got up after a good nights sleep and yet reading about your day has made me as tired as Boomer looks here. I see by your later post that he recovered well enough to patrol for coyotes…maybe with luck I’ll wake up enough to do something too!).

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