A Request for Help—-Wednesday, March 16, 2016

CompostLast year’s corn fields are all disked, setting mellow waiting for the proper time for Terry to start plowing them up.  (The old corn fields are plowed up, turning the soil into the earth allowing the stalks and leaves to compost)

ManureThis is one of the pastures thoroughly fertilized by the cows.  A very good thing!

But now I have a Request for Help from You, if you would be so kind as to give me some advice. I want to back up my computer to an external hard drive.  Not to a company…although, I do have Carbonite.  They are very good.  VERY GOOD.  But the expense of keeping them connected is starting to wear on my pocket book.

SO I took myself down to Wal-Mart to see what was available for a good back-up system and instantly became terribly over-whelmed.  The helpers in there really don’t know anything except to sell me the most expensive or the cheapest one available.  They talked me into system, which I can’t really figure out how to use…got some stuff on it and can’t get it off…in general I just don’t like it.  (It’s called Passport)

I’m thinking about just using ScanDisk memory sticks.  I would like to usethe memory sticks AND something else.

What I was wondering….would you give me some advice on what to purchase to back up my system?  If you don’t want to leave it the comments, please email me. coloradofarmlife@gmail.com .   Of course, if you leave it in the comments everyone will benefit.

Birds-and-sunsetSo…anyway….I thank you for your time and for your information.




59 thoughts on “A Request for Help—-Wednesday, March 16, 2016

      • Linda, Time Machine won’t work on your PC, it’s an integral program on Macs. I have it too. However, I have my Mac laptop back up regularly but *not* automatically to a Western Digital 5Tb external hard drive. I could leave it hooked up to go automatically, but that would mean my backup was also hooked up to the internet and would be vulnerable, so I take the laptop offline and plug in the backup hard drive especially. With PCs, I believe there’s a function in WIndows that allows backing up your hard drive contents to an external drive. I’d recommend using that with an external hard drive, and do it regularly but not automatically, with your wifi or wired internet link off. If you want to go really safe, have two external hard drives, one off and one on the premises, and alternate the backups. That way, you’re safe in the event of fire, flood and theft!

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  1. I use a Toshiba external/portable 1TB hard drive. To make performing a regular back up easier, my brother (he got all the tech brains..me not so much) set me up with something called FreeFileSync, which makes it very fast and efficient. You can google that to see if you might like it.

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  2. If you live nearby a town I’d go to the police and talk to their forensic experts and ask them. Good luck. Try to find a business that has to back up things.
    tuggersmama@gmail . com

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      • Linda, there are digital forensics experts that work at tracing out and solving crimes that were committed with the use of computers and associated tech stuff. Julia Mulligan was suggesting that you might want to ask the local expert at the PD what they would recommend.
        In the past I backed up my work computer with an external drive. I had a program that “saved” me on one occasion when files got wiped out somehow. I haven’t had that job for over 4 years and honestly don’t remember what it was, other than it was an internal feature of the Windows program that was on the PC. It worked quite well. Seems to me that if you open the “Properties” on the C drive of your computer, then click on “Tools” you will find the icon for creating a backup. If I’m not mistaken, that was what I used all those years ago.

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  3. Good Morning Linda 😉
    I use the WD Cloud which is a personal cloud device that the whole family can back up to even with our mobile devices. It works well. I do not have automatic backup sent to it for personal reasons but can manually back up any time. Con: is that your wifi does have to be up and running if you use wifi to connect to it. (EX our main computer does not have to use wifi so can back up anytime.) I also have a WD passport external hard drive that I back up to also. I lost hundreds if not thousand of pictures on an external hard drive that crashed.
    I now feel that I need to have stuff in multiple places.

    I don’t know if this helps. I guess in summary if it is just one computer and not several or mobile devices the WD cloud would not be much more beneficial than an external hard drive that you plug in and update.

    I hope I answered a little of your question.
    😉 Kim

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  4. Do you want to back it to a hard drive only? Or do you care about backing it to disc’s that you can use on any computer? I’ve only ever backed mine to old fashioned disc’s. But I’ve heard very positive things about flash drives. They would probably give you more options on available space.

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  5. Linda maybe you could back it up to 2 sources depending on the size of the files. Flash drives are very big these days. External drives are also very big and could be used for daily back up and maybe the flash drive once a week. As I previously said I back up to two spots now. 😉


    • I’ve been doing the flash drives. and Carbonite. I think and external drive
      and then the flash drive—-saving stuff and then being able to restore it is what I’m after. Thank you so much!


  6. I back my pictures up to an external hard drive. it is a little black box that you plug into your computer with a usb cable and follow the prompts. Very easy. Costs about $90. Mine is a Seagate. Then I have to be careful not to lose the little black BOX!! c

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  7. Since you’re already using flash drives just go online to someplace like http://www.newegg.com/ or Amazon and check out external terabyte hard drives. They attach to your computer just like a flash drive with a USB plug. They’ve gotten quite small and you can occasionally find one for under $50.00. I use a Toshiba 1T (one terabyte) external hard drive for my desktop and a Passport for my laptop. If there are absolutely critical files, put them on CD-Rs or DVD-R (readable only discs so there’s no possible way to accidently write over what is on them). I haven’t yet used a cloud storage of any kind to date. The best way to make sure those important files are safe is to only have the backup drive out is to do the backup. A friend makes two copies of their back up to DVD-R, the one with the most critical files goes to their saftey deposit box at the bank. I don’t know if they’re being a bit extreme or not but it works for them. Have a separate flash drive only for backups and put it someplace safe and only have it out for backups. Hope this is some help. All the best.

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  8. I use this: Toshiba Canvio Connect II 1TB Portable Hard Drive it is a 1T external hard drive that stays connected to my laptop. I also do a manual backup every week or so to it. It only adds any New files it doesn’t add everything all over again each time which my old one did and which made it basically useless. I just told it (it talks you through the set up and is so easy even I could do it) what files I wanted it to save. To restore files you just open the drive, click what you want and bingo there they are! I love it. It was not expensive compared to others I looked at and has a 4+ star rating on Amazon (where I got it) from over 1000 users. There were also many questions as to use which answered the questions I had about it.

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  9. The technicians who I know and the ones who do maintenance help to the “unprofessional” (like me), assure me the scan disk is the miracle worker. I have taken the scan disk with me
    on holidays, plugged it into a computer in a library or one of the places the back-packers use to send photos etc etc home, for my records ( not many – only sports ones which I have kept for years) are available – update new results, save and that’s it.
    The shop people will tell you anything to get a sale – just check with a/your “FRIENDLY, ORDINARY, RUN OF THE MILL – TECHNICIAN”.

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  10. I’m having the same dilemma. I used a “My Passport” and it worked fine but I only plugged it in once a week and got lax when I shouldn’t have (I’ve lost a few things). The computer guy suggested using free Google Drive for my photos….it has unlimited uploads and does it all in the background on it’s own but then you have to go and put put stuff in albums….I’m looking into it. I use Dropbox for my book keeping back up. I


      • Dropbox is only free for 5 GB of stuff but document files aren’t that big…I just use it for my books (which I share with my accountant) and when I need to share the odd photo with someone and I can’t email a bit file, Googledrive is supposed to work the same way but I always wonder about “down the road”. I asked the same question on my blog today.


  11. I use 2 portable Toshiba 1TB HDDs, and alternate them to back up each month. I have never had to do a recovery, but can’t see this as being an issue if needed. I much prefer to use something portable, rather than trusting it to a “cloud” online.

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  12. Hubby uses a program called Acronis PC Backup and Recovery to back up his program to an external hard drive. He said it works real good and was a lifesaver (for him) when he got hit by a keylogger virus that Norton could stop from accessing the internet, but not get rid of. He had to wipe his hard drive and restore his backup.
    That’s as much as I know. Look it us and it may be what you need. Good luck!

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  13. Whenever I am receiving a service from a company and I think they charge too much – especially if it’s after a price increase, I call the company to let them know that I am thinking about cancelling with them because they cost more than I can afford…..so far, I’ve gotten sizable discounts. It sounds cheap, but I am retired, so my income is less than it used to be, so I am no longer shy about asking for lower rates. Also, I ask for senior discounts and military discounts. It may help, if you haven’t already tried.

    BTW, we raised cattle here in Arkansas for years – one of our neighbors burned off his pasture and the fire jumped the road and burned part of our hayfield. Fortunately, the volunteer fire dept. got it out before it got close to the barns or the cows! Another neighbor tried to sell part of our land along with his – had to go to court on that one, but we won easily.

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    • I just can NOT get over how sloppy people are now on being good neighbors! I’m so glad your fire was put out BEFORE reaching your buildings. I know JUST how frightening that is.

      I’m glad you won! Shish!

      Thanks for writing, Sue!


  14. I was over at Linda’s blog site and she mentioned your back-up needs. So I jumped over here but looks like you’ve had good input. I can tell you what my son told me — Get an external hard drive as it’ll back up everything you need backed up. I am not very swift on the IT questions but that is what son said. Putting the request on your site was a good idea and hope you get it ironed out. Thanks for posting. By the way tell your man his method of getting a field ready to plant may be ‘old fashioned’ but I approve. You all would cringe if you could see how the miners ( I don’t call ’em farmers anymore) operate here.

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    • Farming here is taking a leaf from the big boys out there. Get this…because of our soil…they are now having to plant cover crops to help put plant matter back into the ground. The other way (and they still do it the new fangled way) causing the soil to become full of trash that sits on top and doesn’t decompose. Therefore the soil is becoming compacted. DUH! We just keep on doing it the old way…plant matter in the soil, rich soil, cow manure, richer soil….not to brag, but everyone who buys our products swear they can tell the difference.


  15. I would stick with the Carbonite. It backs up EVERYTHING and it doesn’t forget. Unless you are very focused on doing the backup yourself, you will forget to do it more often than you will care to admit.

    I have had a TOTAL computer failure, EVERYTHING lost, no retrieval possible, but Carbonite saved the day and I got it all back. It took a while for everything to download to the new computer, but it ALL came back. To say the least, that was worth more than I will ever pay to Carbonite. Digitally, once it is gone, it’s GONE.

    I just don’t have the focus any more to be backing up every day, but I do occasionally back up my huge picture files to an external drive, almost any of the small ones available now will do. The benefit of this is, if you have a catastrophe, you can reload your pictures to your new computer, and Carbonite will recognize them, and not re-send them, so other files not backed up on the external drive will be downloaded more quickly, and you will have every thing back in a much shorter period of time.

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  16. I use a couple basic external hard drives – usually from Walmart. The reason I use two is because I feel like it’s better protection in case one spits the bits.

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