Plowing—It’s the Only Way to Go—Sunday, March 20, 2016

Plowing-2Terry started plowing the old corn fields


Burying the old stalks, leaves, left over cobs, and cow manure….oh yes!  And the MILK DUDS…back into the ground to mellow out and decompose.

Plowing-3 I must say I am Tickled to Death about the Milk Duds, Beef Jerky and other assorted ‘chews’  NOT readily available for Boomer.

RichAlthough, he still goes out and tries to find them, they are now in the rich soil doing wonders for the earth worms and not Boomer’s tummy!


SmilesHe gained three pounds during this February…now he is on a diet.  One I’ve imposed and one the plowed earth took away.  Three pounds is huge on a 35 pound Beagle!

GoldI finished all but one big spot of work last night in the sunset.  Which, by the way, was stunning.

Have a good one, my friends!



34 thoughts on “Plowing—It’s the Only Way to Go—Sunday, March 20, 2016

  1. A dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do, eh Boomer?
    But 3 lbs overweight might just be stretching it too far, still you could
    always come up with the argument that it was the winter chills and a bit more
    fat keeps me warmer. Might pass ‘the mustard test’ and then maybe not???

    By the look of Terry’s gear he has on in the tractor cabin, it is obviously still pretty cold.
    Lovely weather here at present – still rain hanging around but it is doing heaps of good
    out west for the farming community – full rivers and dams and plenty of fresh green winter
    Cheers 9.00 pm Sunday 20th.

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  2. The sunset was stunning. I would love to put Sassy on a diet but it takes two people to do that and Eddie is convinced this will be her last year with us and she gets anything she wants. I can’t make him understand that we may have two more years with her if the weight would come off!!
    Glad you got some of the plowing done. We did get our new garden spot plowed last week and the old spot!
    Have a blessed Sunday!!

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  3. When the header came up I said “Boomer you’re putting on a little” and then I read the rest and find it is 10% of his body weight. Goodness, Boomer, you will have to go on a diet. Good luck!

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  4. love it that the milk duds have another purpose in life! too funny…poor boomer, but sounds like he’s on a much needed (shhhh, don’t like to say the word) “diet”.

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