An Old Friend Returns—-Monday, April 4, 2016


Our ditch rider and other ditch riders opened our canal, bringing with it water for the new seasonDitch-RiderThey must use a back hoe to lift all the trash which comes roaring down the canals, threatening to plug up and split water everywhere.

(You can see the trash in the first photo, being pushed and gathered in front of the water.)

Our water, for irrigation, comes about because of the Uncompahgre Valley Water Project.  The project has one storage dam, several diversion dams, 128 miles of canals, 438 miles of laterals and 216 miles of drains.   

The project canal runs right by our road and is the source of all water for our crops and my yard and garden.


I love the canal, I love hearing the music of the water as is trips along on its way to the states of Arizona and Nevada and California.  I think of it as a friend, one who goes away for the winter and then comes back bringing life to our farms.  A watery snowbird!  🙂

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm,



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