Spring has Sprung—Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Yesterday was one of those amazingly lovely days…the air was soft, with a gentle warm breeze.


The canal bubbled and sang, being fed by the Blue Mesa Dam.


It leapt and danced, beyond my little orchard, roaring past, exuberant with drops of spray


The air smelled of fresh green things

Leveling-the-hay-field-to-bTerry is  leveling the field in front of our house….this six acres will become one of the new alfalfa fields


It was one of those days that makes a person yearn to run free upon the earth


The earth,the sky, the very air beckoning—‘come, feel your blood humming in your veins—come rejoice with me this awakening–come.’

Spring is finally here.  My soul is full of joy!

With Love,



35 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung—Tuesday, April 5, 2016

  1. hi – love your pictures and daily-doings stories. in the photo of terry leveling your front field, i’m fascinated by the hills/mountains in the distance. the bottom halves look stark – canyonlike and barren, or mined maybe – while the top halves appear to be wooded. not being from the west, i would expect the opposite (lower elevations wooded and higher elevations barren/cliffy). can you tell me more of what those hill/mountain ranges are like? regardless, the everyday views you have there and post for us are breathtaking. thank you. –suz in ohio, where last night’s flash freeze turned to brown toast the beautiful saucer magnolias that were just getting to full bloom around here.

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    • Oh, dang that makes me sick. Those blooms must have been stunning. I’m so sorry.

      The photo of where Terry is leveling is looking toward the Adobe Badland (nothing grows there….good for riding dirt bikes though) we call them ‘Dobies. The big mountain behind them is the Grand Mesa…full of forests and lakes and streams. It is also the largest flat top mountain in the USA. Great fishing, camping and other activites.


  2. Good Morning! Your header is stunning, Linda. Aren’t those ‘ideal’ Spring days a joy to our spirit?! It was lovely here, too. We did have a snow last Friday, but it didn’t stick, so the moisture was very welcome! I have my lilac bush and fruit trees blooming, so am hoping we don’t get a freeze, either. Today is to be hot and very windy…the weather forecasters are never wrong about the high winds and blowing dust!!

    Blessings to you and Terry!

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  3. Well Linda, here in south central Kansas south of Wichita, we just stand still and the wind will do the moving for us. haha 40- 50 mph wind and that is not gusts.
    We have all the spring flowers. They may get blown away. Take care everyone. Sharon Drake

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  4. Each season brings its own thankfulness. I am so grateful that the long, hot days are a bit shorter now, that the nights are a little cooler, and that soon I will be able to go out and spend hours in the back yard undoing what riotous nature has done; winding vines through trees, sending weeds out through paving cracks, choking the pump of my little waterfall with debris and giving me plenty of pruning to do! Enjoy the excitement of spring while I enjoy the peace of autumn!

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  5. So glad to hear that spring is arriving by you. Here, we are still being teased with it. Today it started out sunny and is now sleeting, snowing, raining. And we’re supposed to get another 1 to 3 inches of the white stuff come Friday. It sometimes takes awhile for old man winter to finally give up. I hope it’s soon. So happy for you Linda ….enjoy every soft breeze, new flower and rush of spring water that goes by!

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