Vigorous Splashes of Water Make a Form of Jubilation — Wednesday, November 6, 2019

(from Pinterest)

I was hauling wood for the evening when I thought I would head over to the canal to see if the water was starting to lessen

It is…soon there will be no water.

But —-in the moldering dead grass and fallen leaves I saw a most beautiful chill upon the land.

Ice Fairies painted with perfect splashes of water.  Brightening the dark and dismal banks along the edges of the canal.

Even creating a little glass-like bell to ring in the chill and hostile winds.

From my world to your heart,


In Small Shafts of Moonlight and Dazzling Sunlight—Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Here we are on a wee tour of the farm and how things are now

The moon is dazzling peeking here and there through the corn

We have deer hanging out in the corn

We have new ‘saved’ goats on the farm.  They are not young, very old, complete with arthritis. They are so sweet.

The mornings are dazzling

The Quails are so much fun to watch, and we have lots and lots of them.

The sunrises have been lovely

We have a family of raccoons

And coyotes (Sigh)

The leaves are falling, but they didn’t turn colors this year

We still have water in the canal.  It will leave on the first of November. I still enjoy hearing the rush of the water passing through our place.

AND I got a photo of a wasp in flight!  How cool that is! 🙂

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,





Spring has Sprung—Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Yesterday was one of those amazingly lovely days…the air was soft, with a gentle warm breeze.


The canal bubbled and sang, being fed by the Blue Mesa Dam.


It leapt and danced, beyond my little orchard, roaring past, exuberant with drops of spray


The air smelled of fresh green things

Leveling-the-hay-field-to-bTerry is  leveling the field in front of our house….this six acres will become one of the new alfalfa fields


It was one of those days that makes a person yearn to run free upon the earth


The earth,the sky, the very air beckoning—‘come, feel your blood humming in your veins—come rejoice with me this awakening–come.’

Spring is finally here.  My soul is full of joy!

With Love,


A Small Frozen Fog—Tuesday, October 27, 20015

morning-fog-2.jpgWe had a wee fog this morning, caused by very cold temperatures from the very wet ground (the sun came out yesterday afternoon…Boomer and I went out and danced on the lawn, it was too wet to take a walk. 🙂  )

Moon-2And the very lovely clear sky and the warmer canal water.

Morning-Fog-1I’m wondering if we had a freeze.  It is possible.

Morning-Fog-3The grass was rather crunchy when I walk out to get some early photos…as the day warms up I will be able to tell.

It’s time.  Actually, a little late.  But that is okay, I’ve enjoyed the warmth while it lasted. 🙂

As always your friend,




Our Water is HERE!

Our water, for irrigation, comes about because of the Uncompahgre Valley Water Project.  The project has one storage dam, several diversion dams, 128 miles of canals, 438 miles of laterals and 216 miles of drains.   

The project canal runs right by our road and is the source of all water for our crops and my yard and garden.

Usually the water isn’t turned on until closer to the 30th of March, but when a grower calls

for early water (because of raising onions or lettuce) the water is turned on early.


I love the canal, I love hearing the music of the water as is trips along on its way to the states of Arizona and Nevada and California.  I think of it as a friend, one who goes away for the winter and then comes back bringing life to our farms.

Another Rite of Spring!

We were over at the equipment hillside when we saw smoke coming from the area where our house is


Since one of our neighbors caught part of our place on fire three years ago, the smoke made us hoof it over the old corn field rather fast.

Then we found out it was the ditch company getting the canal ready for water.


What a relief!

Wild Life


Where we are going to pick up the combine, the canal still has enough water for the ducks to swim and play.  But it won’t be long now that the canals in all of Grand Junction, Clifton, Fruita, and Loma will stand dry, waiting for the dams to open next spring.


And when I go to work and when I come home from work I always meet AT LEAST one of these!



The Water is in the Ditch

This is the same ditch I just wrote about in Waiting for Water.

Siphon tubes are one of the oldest farm tools still in use. They have been lifting water from irrigation ditches and putting water into waiting furrows for thousands of years.

Once this field gets wet, then the water will be moved.  Probably to one of the fields with gated pipe.