The Rhythm of My Days—-Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Sometimes I’m asked if I ever get bored—now that I’m retired from a paying job.Red-SUn-2

(A past photo)

No actually, I never get bored!  I do get restless, sometimes.  But never bored.

Rikki-The-RaccoonThere always seems to be something to do or to see or to experience—-right here on the farm.  Those small little creatures which keep my mind from wandering into dullness.

sunrise-25.jpgWinter will ‘do me in’ with it’s terrible cold and long dreary days.  But I’m not bored. The frozen outside has stilled the voices of trees and water. The winter animals and birds are desperately  on the hunt for food and survival, the sounds chill on the air with the low slung arc of the sun.

Sundail-gardenI bought my bedding plants yesterday and will plant them today.  I will work digging the little holes needed for each small plant listening to the voices murmuring in the trees and the water of the canal, as I carefully water and fill in the soil around each plant.  Terry and I will repair the outside furniture, set an arch he made for me, and I will start painting the trim and benches in the gardens.  I will paint, then weed, and trim, and prune as the sun travels across the sky.

With love from my world to your heart!




19 thoughts on “The Rhythm of My Days—-Tuesday, May 17, 2016

  1. I was told once, “being bored is for those who have small minds.” I feel that God’s world has so much to observe, even in the driest, hottest, coldest, wettest of climes.

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  2. re: the “past photo” — one of those forest-fire daze, eh?

    and so far in retirement I have not been bored. “volunteer opportunities” are cropping up with regularity. some of it not so exciting but necessary none-the-less — e.g. two daze spent marking high-school long-jumpers’ efforts in the sand during the “big” track/field meet a couple weekends ago.

    almost died from over-excitement just last Monday! (ended up way over my head in some sort of “upper level challenge match” between two hockey gangs, one of which was glad “someone” (no matter how poor a player) showed up to be goalie for their side. whew. and it’ll be a while (if i’m smart) before I decide to “get under the influence” before playing again …)

    Betty says each week that “no more plants” yet each week either buys some more (or… shhh! don’t tell the BLM) — or we gather a few likely candidates from out in the desert ~

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  3. When you love where you are and what you are doing, it is impossible to be bored. I would never think to ask you (of all people) if you were bored. You don’t have time to be! There is a difference between bored and restless though! I too am never bored, but occasionally restless but for me that is usually because I don’t work — physicallly — hard enough. (Definitely not your problem!) A long nature walk (or my purple trike) will always take care of mine!

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