Gifts from Nature—Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My first gift from nature  is a new bird to my feeders!  I am so excited!

Sharpened A Western Tanager!  I’ve never seen one here before.  The website says they are woodland birds.  It just may be passing through.  Only time will tell.

BearThe bears are back.  A mom bear (sow) and one cub have been spotted (several times) just below our farm…running along the fence line.  Another bear has been bothering a bee hive over about two miles from us.


Saturday is the first day of May’s Full Moon…this year it is a Blue Moon complete with a sighting of Mars!!!  You can read all about it here! 

Full Moons

I hope the sky is clear for you, wherever you might be!  To see the bright, bright light of the moon and the red planet Mars will be a gift of a lifetime!



39 thoughts on “Gifts from Nature—Wednesday, May 18, 2016

  1. ooh: bears. it’s not the bears but the wrackoonz, which is why we close the garage door every nite! pretty bird: I think … not sure, we have a usual contingent of similarly-colored birds. and, of course the hummers are back, and a (s)heron each day goes fishing in the pond …

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  2. Linda, I grew up in Delta, went on many a Sunday drives with my parents on the Western slope, hiked, fished, hunted and lived in Colorado all my life and I have yet to see a bear in the wild in Colorado. I have seen them in Canada and Alaska and they are beautiful animals. Your picture gives me hope I will see one in Colorado.

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  3. Oh thank you for the reminder of the blue moon, hooray! I love the tanager. Nature is being good to you for sure. Didn’t realize you had bears — pretty cool as long as they stay off your front porch ;>)… some people have seen them in the nature area next door here. But I have never.

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  4. Birds often get blown out of their natural range during storms.

    Didn’t know there were bears around other than in the mountains. Looks like it could be dangerous

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