A Gift of Sunlight—Wednesday, June 22, 2016

InstructionsThe day wore on, yesterday, the heated air hot and heavy.

Morning-1bearing down on us and the land.

The sun gradually climbing higher and higher in the sky- taking from us any bit of shade.

WheeBy noon the shadows were gone, the heat ringed us in, and sat brooding, like a bad mood.

Packing-rowsThen a blessing of a thin rush of air — first in starts and stops, then in little puffs, swelling in strength strong enough to cause the towels drying, on the line, to flap and fling themselves over the other wires full of clothes

SunraysThe air cooled, as clouds rolled in, first in the east, then the south, finally in the west.

All the while the wind rose and fell whispering secrets to the earth; to those creatures and objects that can understand.

Setting-of-the-sunThere was a hint of thunder a splattering of rain enough to rinse the air clean.

Rain-the-setting-sun-3Boomer and I walked out upon the farm, hoping to see a rainbow.

Rain-in-the-setting-sun2Instead a shock of sunlight splashed in the north, for just a few minutes, leaving the world reborn.

From my heart to your world.



27 thoughts on “A Gift of Sunlight—Wednesday, June 22, 2016

  1. You should develop a photo-poetry book with lines like this: a shock of sunlight splashed in the north, for just a few minutes, leaving the world reborn.

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  2. It just dawned on me that you might not be aware of the Betsy-Tacy Society. Just google “Betsy-Tacy Society. org” for lots of info. It is a lovely group of women who have done incredible things. We bought and restored their two houses, and have worked to increase awareness of the books, and they are now being republished. They would be lovely for the Delta Library–hint,hint. Well, we have to keep up interest. I belong to the group in San Francisco, and there might be one close to you. They are now all over the world. Enjoy!

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  3. You know, I think you’d have the BEST fun with a drone camera… Beautiful photography, as always – you have great material to work with I know, the skies of Colorado are spectacular – but you have a talent…

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  4. Pure poetry, Linda! Even though I don’t always comment, I want you to know how my soul is uplifted as I walk the land with you under the big skies and changing weather.

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