Blithely Skipping Along—-Sunday, July 3, 2016

ChairsFriday morning was beautiful…soft gray clouds covered the sky, a lazy little mist floated in the air…almost rain, a sometimes drizzle; lovely moisture falling onto the dooryard plants.


I was upstairs working on my post about Boomer and his leg…the sweet breath of the morning air filled with the smell of wet grass and summer flowers.

Grand-Kids-are-HereWhen I noticed two children pedaling their way down the lane.

Children-of-the-CornThe Children of the Corn (and their parents) have arrived for the 4th of July weekend.  A total surprise.

Corn-6They came!  Just in time to measure the corn.  More than knee high, it seems.

Family…the heartbeat of life!

My heart is blithely skipping along!

Your friend, always…






34 thoughts on “Blithely Skipping Along—-Sunday, July 3, 2016

  1. You had me at blithely. And then you had me at skipping. Two of my favorite words. And when they’re in sequence, even better. I remember walking between my great uncle Hiram’s corn. Heavenly. So happy for you all on this 4th weekend!

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  2. Children of the Corn have always scared me.
    (remember the moovy, and the book?)

    However: today (date of this post) is Sunday, today! so somewhat coincidental, “Betty” and the dawgs (and me) decided to drive up Sawmill … went about 2 miles past the EOP (end of pavement), just past where Escalante Rim and Sawmill roads diverge — and we ran/rode/trotted (chased rabbits) heading north and down from there. what fun! Betty enjoyed it, and looks forward to XXX ploring more in the daze to come ~

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  3. Good to know that Misty and clan are with you for the 4th July.
    I am sure you will have a great time.
    PS: Any spare warm weather please send across the Pacific and below the
    Equator. Summer can’t come quick enough and still two more winter months
    with blustery August included!!!

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