To See When One isn’t Looking —- Wednesday, July 3, 2019

I like to stand outside and hear the wind speak

Although, I even like to stand outside on the ditch bank and look at the sun

Or stare at the sun when he isn’t looking at me

I enjoy the immensity of the air, the liquidness of the moisture turned into fluff

I like to see the earth when it green and so full of life

Or the joy of all living things as they move throughout the day

I always feel that the gift of more time

Here on the face of the earth—

Is such an amazing present.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




Morning, Cool Shadows, then Fading Light—-Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Gradually my yard is changing into different colors,

White, Yellow, red, pink, orange


I’ve been weeding the pinto bean field,  It’s a yearly chore that occurs daily until the pinto beans shoot feelers.


We go early, early until it’s time to change water, then come back into the ate, late in the day when it cools down…the corn and the cockleburs and the pigweed must be removed

Each one of those plants makes a seed the same size as the pinto bean.  If you have lots of trash seeds going in with the pinto beans the Beanery will dock you (make you pay a large fee) to clean out the seeds.

Therefore we always work diligently to get as many seeds/plants out of the field before the vines set.

Terry is doing better.  Better is a good thing.

Your friend on a Colorado farm,


Blithely Skipping Along—-Sunday, July 3, 2016

ChairsFriday morning was beautiful…soft gray clouds covered the sky, a lazy little mist floated in the air…almost rain, a sometimes drizzle; lovely moisture falling onto the dooryard plants.


I was upstairs working on my post about Boomer and his leg…the sweet breath of the morning air filled with the smell of wet grass and summer flowers.

Grand-Kids-are-HereWhen I noticed two children pedaling their way down the lane.

Children-of-the-CornThe Children of the Corn (and their parents) have arrived for the 4th of July weekend.  A total surprise.

Corn-6They came!  Just in time to measure the corn.  More than knee high, it seems.

Family…the heartbeat of life!

My heart is blithely skipping along!

Your friend, always…