The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—It’s Good to be BETTER!

I’m doing much better.  I found several things to roll in over a couple of days!

It was a huge delight—-until Mom got me home.

Then I got a good scrub down.

But that was okay, because I got to sleep inside.  Mom said I was clean and smelled good so I was welcome in the house. (“And please remember that!” She admonished.)

I do remember.  I just take the good YUMMY NASTY SMELLY STUFF along with the bad A BATH and go along my merry way!


I pretty much rest my knee…usually I just sit on the back of our four-wheeler, Mom’s and mine and watch Mom and Dad work.  But randomly I’ve gotten off and explored.  Hence the finding of cool smelly green goo.

Then last night I decided to NOT hear Mom call or the four-wheeler start up.  I’m supposed to come the second one of those things happen. Usually I do.


But last night I decided NOT to.

That is when Mom and Dad went to a whole other place of the farm WITHOUT me!

Then, just as they were starting to head back to the house I remembered if I didn’t go with them I would have to run/walk the WHOLE WAY BACK!


Taking off down the middle field farm road I picked up my legs and RAN!


And you know what?  MY KNEE WORKED!


It is so nice to feel GOOD again!



27 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—It’s Good to be BETTER!

  1. I thought of you the other day when Minx, my cat, came in smelling just awful, with something wet on her back and one side. Now, cats don’t usually do the dog trick of rolling in interesting stuff. I’ll bet she was in a neighbour’s yard, and they decided they didn’t want that darn cat there, and put the stuff on her. It probably worked, because she hasn’t been all stinky since then.

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