The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Week—It’s a Wrap!


Can you see the face in the cloud?

Mom says she guesses she is glad this week is finally over.  She reached down picked me up and placed me beside her on the loveseat, then reached over and put Sam-Sam on her lap.  I liked this…Dad in his chair and Mom and I and Sam on the loveseat.   All of us together.

If we still had Monkey she would be on Mom shoulder, as it is……………..


Well, anyway.  The little family came from Craig, Colorado and spent 6 whole days with us.


The kids stayed with us or with Aunt Shannon.  Their Mom and Dad stayed in the fifth-wheel camper.


There were lots of bike rides and


dog walks and family times of eating.


Romeo, the horse, even came to the picnic.


Then suddenly it was time for everyone to go…Mom cried.  She said she is having trouble with all the good-byes that happened this week.


I’ve stayed RIGHT at Mom’s side or RIGHT behind her —sometimes she says:  “I love you, Boomie!  But not so close, I have to walk, you know.”  Then she gives me a kiss on the nose and asks me to move.



Staying right by your side…That is what Boomie’s are for!


So I stick like glue.  I do this, because I know Mom needs me.






23 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Week—It’s a Wrap!

  1. THAT area you have for the communal fire looks very, very, really nice (‘n comfortable). i’m jealous of that! and the photos w/indian point in the bkgrnd — you segue-d from partly cloudy/sunny to a bit of clouds blocking the sun. even if the temp doesn’t actually drop, that situation does make everything seem a bit cooler ~

    Liked by 1 person

    • You guys are always much warmer than us…spring, winter, summer and fall. Although one would never think it. I always like seeing spring in Grand Junction…I’m so starved for green by that time. You also have the blessing of early blooms.

      I sometimes pick a photo that happened the day before, after I blogged.


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