It’s That Time of Year—-Sunday, July 10, 2106

PintosIt’s that time of year…when the cultivator stops and the human weeder takes over (ME)

Weeding-the-bean-fieldEarly, early morning and after 8 o’clock in the evening out we go…Terry to change the water and Boomer and I to weed the pinto beans.   Up and down, up and down, pulling out the cockle burs, the sunflowers, and other nasty things.

I’m making headway.  Almost done for the season.  The pinto beans are starting to shoot feelers, from that point on if a weed wants to grow, it will get too.  I won’t be able to get in there to stop them from developing.

Two more days and I will be done. Two more days.  I’m into the count down.

Purple-SunsetYour friend on a western Colorado farm



36 thoughts on “It’s That Time of Year—-Sunday, July 10, 2106

  1. I certainly don’t envy you with that “weeding” task.
    Still it has to be done and that’s that.
    Never thought of the problem with the sunflower seed costing
    removal fees when you harvest.
    Sunflowers are pretty – the movie: “Calendar Girls” and the
    sunflowers of Yorkshire, UK, and what they meant.
    Just keep telling yourself – 2 days more and time will fly, I hope
    for your knees and back.
    That is awfully late – 8.00 pm to be weeding???
    Obviously the sun sets very late at this time of year in Colorado.
    Cheers and great report of information.

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    • It’s getting to be twilight at 9 o’clock, and the gloaming is after. It is also much cooler at that time, but also full of biting flies and such. And the wind has died down…I couldn’t handle the heat during the day, even if I like heat. It is just too hot.

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      • dayphoto is in the same time zone/twilight zone/ as I. I went out at after 8 p.m. (we HAD TO watch “last ship” first) to try to discover and isolate a ruptured pipe in our yard spinkling system. after some digging and cutting-back of brush: conclusion: call the plumber tomorrow!

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    • Thank you, Julie! Looks like tomorrow evening I will be done. The beans are starting to bloom and shoot feelers. Once they start to shoot the feelers the rows grow shut in about three days. I’m not sad to be done.

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