A Much Needed Break—Monday, July 11, 2016

Off-we-goTerry and I needed a break!  We needed something to do that wasn’t related to the farm, something different—and close enough to the farm we would only be gone a few hours.

50-inchesSo off we went to the Uncompahgre Plateau.

Up there we ran into Hank and Angie Davis, as we turned onto the trail to Dry Mesa. Davis’ are the ranchers who calve out their cows on our place in the winter.  They also live and ranch just below us in the Roubidoux Canyon. AND they live on the Plateau while the cows are summering up there.

A short ways in we ran into Bob and Lois Helgland and their son, also on their way to Dry Mesa.  The Helgland’s live on the Plateau most of the year, but have another home two miles from us heading east.

Then we met our daughter Shannon and Jason on their way for a Sunday ride.  We rode with them.


I always bring up the rear…I’m slow.  I’m not on a ride to race.  I’m on a ride to take photos

Dry-MesaAlthough, I sometimes get so far behind I can’t see or hear anyone.  It’s usually at that point I get concerned I took the wrong road and am now lost.
So far I haven’t.  Which is a good thing.

HOTBy two o’clock we were back home setting water in the heat and the wind.

A nice break.  One much needed.

Your friend,



19 thoughts on “A Much Needed Break—Monday, July 11, 2016

    • We used to milk so I understand. Now we have to fit everything into between changing water. Although, to be honest we have always had to fit everything into water changes. I hope you get a wee break soon!


  1. I love it when you go up that way and post photographs of it Linda – it looks such fascinating scenery. I do agree that in farming you need regular breaks otherwise you can get so inward looking. Something to do with living on the job I think.

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    • One side of the plateau is loaded with people…that is the side 25 Mesa is on. It is truly crowded there. Where we went there are very, very few people—to run into our neighbors was a nice surprise!


  2. What a beautiful and scenic place to ride to. Seems like the best place from some time out… and we all need that from time to time. Do you need licences to ride the four-wheelers on public roads?

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  3. I always chuckle if I’m out in the “middle of nowhere” and run into people I know. You know you’ve lived in an area for along time if you run into as many folks as you did that you know! Take care and stay cool!

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