A Rhapsody in Sunsets—Tuesday, July 12, 2016


The sun leaving the day behind often dazzles the eyes Day-ending

The dark starting to gulp the light forces the sun shadows

3to fling light heavy and still


Until all is left–a jet stream blazing a trail across the sky.

A song of evening.

From my world to your heart.







23 thoughts on “A Rhapsody in Sunsets—Tuesday, July 12, 2016

  1. Thank all of you there for these healing sunsets . My how lovely and peace-filled they are..and you are such a Light for the world. Blessings to all from Southern Minnesota…Merri ( peter the Senegal and Hannah the Dove.._ to

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  2. Gorgeous summer sunsets, Linda. It’s funny, I love sunsets, yet most of my life the sky to the west has been blocked with buildings or trees, or right now almost at the bottom of a hill, and the eastern sky has been more visable. Although, a sunrise at bedtime and a sunset on getting up is fine with me. I’ve been thinking about posting some of my sunset photos on my blog, once I find the flash drive they’re on.

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  3. Sometimes it’s hard to realize that you’re photos of the evening sky are real. That you are actually standing there seeing THAT. How blessed you are, and what a beautiful corner of the earth your corner is. x from Italy.

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